Join our team

Wood Designer Ltd is a growing web based business selling woodwork software worldwide. We have two websites and customer bases, English and French language.

We are looking to expand our technical team.

Technical advisor

Providing training and support for our woodwork design to manufacturing software solutions.

What we can offer you

  • Good hourly rate of pay OR pay/session scheme
  • Performance bonus scheme (with hourly scheme)
  • Paid holidays (with hourly scheme)
  • Flexible hours working from home
  • Long term position
  • Opportunity to develop role over time
  • Be a key part of a friendly high performing team
  • You will be working as a contractor (self employed), invoicing for your time

The type of person we are looking for

  • Professional and positive attitude
  • Desire to be the best you can at your job
  • Eager to learn
  • Good interpersonal and team working skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Analytical approach to problem solving and innovative thinking
  • Customer oriented with a focus on the philosophy of the company
  • Ability to work without close supervision whilst adhering to agreed standards, processes and tight deadlines

Language requirements

  • English and French language proficiency

The experience we are looking for


  • Sound understanding of computer aided design
  • Comfortable working with online IT systems


  • Knowledge of the woodwork industry, for example having worked in a workshop environment within design or manufacturing
  • Understanding of woodwork software to CNC integrations
  • CNC post processor basic knowledge


These are non exhaustive, and depending on the hours and scope of the role they may vary, for example you may initially focus on support or training sessions only.

  • Reporting to Michel Melon, the Technical Director
  • Technical support and training, primarily online and via video, including: training and set up sessions; design service; forum
  • Lead conversion, primarily phone and email, including: software demonstration sessions; responding to ad hoc technical enquiries
  • Technical content creation e.g. models, images, libraries, technical documentation, training programmes, software installers
  • Maintain up to date and high level of knowledge in our technical products
  • Maintain effective working partnership with the Customer Support Team
  • Administration including lead, training and support session management
  • Lead generation including contributing to non technical content creation e.g. website content, social media engagement
  • Using a range of online customer management and admin systems
  • Contributing to the improvement of our systems and processes
  • Leading on and supporting ad hoc technical and business development projects

Next steps

Please contact us here to discuss the role in detail, and send us your CV.