StairDesigner download: 3D staircase design software

Download the free version of StairDesigner, along with our new and improved StairDesigner libraries, and watch a short video series to get you up and running fast. We've got the manufacturing documents of a test stair available to download at the bottom of the page.

For more advice, please get in touch via our forum, or contact us for pre-sale enquiries. We also offer on-line demonstrations so you can see the software in action.

First download StairDesigner here...

stairdesigner download

Version 7.15f

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System requirements

You will be asked to activate your software to unlock the full set of features. You can skip this step unless you have purchased the full version.
The free/demo version includes all design functionality. The only thing it doesn't do is output the manufacturing documents like the cutting list and plans. However sample output files are available at the bottom of this page.
Installing StairDesigner & the Quick Design libraries

...then download StairDesigner's Quick Design libraries

stairdesigner libraries download

Version 7.4

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Upgrading your old libraries? Read this first

Download and install our Quick Design libraries of hardware, assembly details and models to massively speed up the design process.
The libraries are delivered as examples: we advise you to test and adjust them to your manufacturing methods before using them for production. Consider our Libraries Set Up service to tailor them to your specific needs.
Create a new stair (must watch !)

Select a new stair from the list of models, and set up general dimensions and parameters, and add components like the strings, handrails and newel posts.

More getting started videos

General stair parameters and optimisation

How to display and modify the general parameters of your stair, including adjusting the number of steps to optimise riser height, tread width and meet the Stair Rule.

Modifying winders

Winders are tapered steps, so their edges are not parallel to each other. In most European countries, these winders are tapered gradually into and out of the turn. It makes for a safer stair but it takes more time to build. In the UK for example using winders just around the turn is an acceptable way to build stairs. This method makes the staircase easier and faster to build.

We see here how to modify which steps are winders, which are not, and how to adjust the tightness of the turn. We also look at how to manually adjust each winding step so it is as easy to manufacture as possible (not too close to the edge of the newel post for example).

Multi flight stair mode: straight flights

In this video we will use the multi flight option to create a series of straight flights. This offers a lot of flexibility in how we can design its shape. You can add multiple flights, modify length, height and width, adjust the angle between each flight and edit the angle of the first and last steps.

Multi flight stair mode: circular flights

How to use the Multi Flight Stair Mode to create a curved stair of one or more curved elements. Each element can be edited in detail to allow you a lot of flexibility in your project design.

Adding landings

How to add a landing in StairDesigner. You can either open up one of the pre-configured stair models that includes a landing (quarter turn, half turn and stairs with arrival landings), or add a landing to a project you're already working on. Its possible to accurately adjust the its height, length, width and angle, and independently optimise the flights above and below the landing.

More video tutorials

We have many more StairDesigner videos available, click on any image below to take a look.

All videos

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Part properties

link to parts properties videos for stairdesigner

Manufacturing output

link to stairdesigner output videos


Sample output files

The free/demo version includes all design functionality. The only thing it doesn't do is output the manufacturing documents like the cutting list, plans and CNC files. Click below to download samples of this output.

StairDesigner CNC integration

StairDesigner integrates very well with a huge range of CNC machines. Click below for details.

Help Centre

Answers to some of the most common questions about our software.