OptiNest Nesting Software

Professional nesting software for highly optimised cutting of parts of any shape on to sheets of any shape

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The best quality, price and performance mix on the market

  • Minimise material waste with true shape nesting

  • Fully manufactured parts directly on your CNC machine

  • Interfaces directly with our Polyboard cabinet and furniture design software

Stop wasting time, money and effort

It's not only material savings you'll make with OptiNest.

Nesting optimisation will increase throughput, boost quality control as you create the right parts every single time, reduce programming time compared with your current method and reduce overheads as you minimise machine usage and wear.

At the end of the day, more cash in your pocket.

Watch Your Productivity And Business Grow

OptiNest's Key Features

Optimise according to your own priorities

OptiNest's adaptable algorithms make it possible to adjust the optimisation to your specific needs.

If cutting very expensive material put the priority on minimising waste, if cutting cheaper materials on an expensive CNC optimise the machine cutting time. If you have a lot of parts to nest minimise the nesting calculation time.

This is what makes OptiNest truly industrial grade nesting.

Pieces grouping function

Pieces are paired to create 'virtual pieces', which in turn will be used as single pieces during the optimisation process.

Propagation mode

Propagation describes the placing method of a single piece produced in large quantities, minimising the off cut rate between pieces.

As a general rule, the piece is grouped with itself, then the grouping is propagated along 2 axes.

The larger the panel size, the greater the level of optimisation you'll obtain.

Pieces direct entry

Parts can be imported from DXF files or drawn directly in Optinest's graphic editor.

Parts can be drawn with any shape and cut out. To fully minimise waste, Optinest will also use the cut outs to nest parts if possible.

nesting software

Rotations and reversals

Rotation and reversal parameters define the permitted part movements, rotations and flipping.

OptiNest accommodates 4 rotation levels and flipping.

Bored Pieces

OptiNest can manage bored pieces. Holes are treated as a specific tooling type.

The software also recovers the material freed by pieces holes, and re-uses it to place smaller pieces.

Nesting Maps DXF Export

The nesting maps created by OptiNest may be exported in DXF format, and then transferred either to your CAD software or CNC tooling machine.

Click here for more information on integrating OptiNest with your CNC machine including a sample optimisation download.

What makes our software unique...

  • Unbeatable Value

    Up to 5 times cheaper than other high performance pro software.

  • Honest about Prices

    No sales person to go through to find out what you’ll pay. Everything is available on our website.

  • No Nasty Surprises

    You can buy the software outright with no obligatory upgrade fees or hidden support costs.

OptiNest Pro

Supports bored and tooled pieces and all polyline shapes.

Seamlessly integrates with all versions of Polyboard.

Price includes

  • 6 months Premium Support then a lifetime 50% discount - value £300
  • Cut lists and plans for furniture and stair projects designed with the free versions of Polyboard and StairDesigner
    (up to 1 project/month)

To see first hand how OptiNest will benefit your business, please contact us for an on-line demonstration.

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