PolyBoard software

Fast and error free parametric design. Just type in the sizes and PolyBoard draws and updates your project automatically.

With instant access to cut lists, drawings of every part and CNC files. Plus full hardware management.


Simple intuitive design

Easy to learn design process that is much faster than a traditional CAD package. Size your carcass and drop in your components (drawers, doors, shelves and so on). Resize and the entire model is updated for you.

No need for a specialist technician to work up your projects, perfect for small to medium workshops.

Complex calculations on auto

Sloping walls and ceilings, irregular angles, boxing around pipework are all quick to accommodate. From simple box cabinets to L shaped and corner cabinets to free form designs.

PolyBoard's powerful parametric motor immediately generates 100% accurate output complete with all cut angles every time.

User friendly project management

Drag and drop individual cabinets into a project like a room layout, assess aesthetics, ease of manufacture and resize to fit.

Add single piece or composite worktops, splash backs, plinths and more, all included in the cut list, plans and CNC files.

Single click application of hardware and assembly details

Automatically apply the machining for your hinges, drawer sliders, panel fittings etc based on your own placement rules, plus the exact set up for your drawers, doors and lots more.

Resize your project or change components, all hardware is dynamically moved, added or removed as required!

Huge range of pre-configured hardware and models to choose from or create your own

Blum, Hettich, Häfele, Grass
Lamello, Klein, Salice, Emuca
Titus, Kesseböhmer, Samet, Lockdowel
Hawa (Eku), Camar, Vauth-Sagel

Also set your preferences for

Materials - sheet and profile, wood, metal, glass etc.
Carcass construction, overlaps, recesses, shelf positioning
Doors and drawers - pre fabricated or traditional
Panel assembly details and edging
polyboard hardware and manufacturing methods
range of polyboard cabinets

3D models and flexible order management

One click 3D renders for client presentations, textured, wireframe or semi-transparent . Zoom in, rotate, even open the drawers and doors if you like.

Fast design process allows you to edit on the fly with potential customers.

Cost, material and hardware reports for precise quotations.

Build your own model catalogue for internal use or open it up to customers as an ordering portal (sample models available in our Quick Design libraries).

The perfect design application for residential, commercial and retail sectors.

Production power

Instant access to 100% accurate manufacturing output

Cut lists in PDF and CSV
2D plans of every part in PDF
3D shop drawings in PDF, DXF and 3DS
Labels, fully configurable with barcode options
Seamless integration with our OptiCut and OptiNest optimisation solutions
Output to your ERP package
Combined output from multiple projects in bulk manufacture mode

Plus integration with all CNCs

Files of every part in industry standard format (2D DXF) accepted by all CNC software
Native file formats for leading brands of CNC machines
Full hardware machining details with ability to automate tool path application 
Extensive range of machining customisations
polyboard cabinet design software output

Error free design to manufacturing

Created for small and medium workshops specialising in custom projects.

All versions of PolyBoard interface seamlessly with OptiCut, our cutting optimization software

Convert PolyBoard's cut list into a sequential cutting maps to minimise material waste. Full grain matching available. Compatible with manual and CNC saws.

Or combine PolyBoard Pro PP with OptiNest and your nesting CNC

Nest all the parts of your project and send to your CNC with full machining details, labels and grain management.

More great design and manufacturing features

handle cut outs in polyboard
Flexible tooling operations

Add toolings to your panels, Simple curves to complex shapes. Perfect for curved worktops or shelves, handle cut outs, inlays and pockets.

frame and panel door in polyboard
Frame and panel  assembly

Apply any combination of stiles and rails to your doors and drawers, including shaker style façades. All included in your cut list and plans.

dxf import in polyboard
DXF import of shapes and plans

DXF files import, useful for complex room and model plans, or add any polyline for use in PolyBoard's panel design libraries.

door design in polyboard
Multiple door options

Choose between built in or overlapping, single, double, sliding, hinged from above or below. Wood or aluminium frame and mirror doors etc.

drawer options in polyboard
Pre manufactured & traditional drawers

Pre made like Blum TANDEMBOX or Grass Vionaro, or set up your own with complete control of slack, position, hardware etc, plus overlapping facades, internal partitions and more.

split panel designs in polyboard
Complex panel structures

Split panels into multiple parts and materials to power up your design options, or split into multiple thicknesses for veneers and sandwich panels. Save and apply all settings to use later.

hardware in polyboard
3D hardware and accessories

As well as including all machining details for your hardware, add handles, hooks and knobs to your 3D models, plus just about any specialist fitting, coat hangers, TVs, ovens, sinks and lots more.

kitchen project in polyboard
Many more design elements

Everything from plinths, fillers and top rails to sloping divisions and wall cleats/batons. Add to your project as you design or create a model library and simply resize to fit your next project. 

Automate production and eliminate errors

PolyBoard not only shows the model in 3D but calculates all the assembly details, parts lists, machine code and price of the project, in real time as you create your design.

Trusted by 1000s of business worldwide

polyboard cabinet design
Mark Nichols

The Cabinet Shop

"I would usually allow half a day for pricing and design, two days for manufacture and a day for fitting and re-cutting missing bits and mistakes. That’s 3½ days. This job took 1½ days from start to finish."

fitted shelving using polyboard software
Edward Wynn-Jones

Acastrian Bespoke Fitted Furniture

"PolyBoard is fantastic. It has paid for itself many times over and does everything exactly as I want it to."

polyboard furniture design software
Adrian Green

Professional designer

"I used to employ a CAD technician to draw up my designs. I can now design a kitchen and get it sent for cutting and assembly in 3 hours, less when I get to know the software better."

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polyboard software

PolyBoard comes in 3 versions

2 fully featured professional versions,

plus our free version to test before buying or use with our CabinetFile cut list and plans processing service

PolyBoard Pro PP

Lifetime licence

For workshops with CNC facilities, produce all the files to drive your machines

3D renders
All design features
Instant access to all output options including CNC files
Post processors for Homag, Biesse, SCM/Morbidelli, Felder/Vitap/Brema and machines using NC-HOPS
Industry standard DXF post processor compatible with all CNC software

PolyBoard Pro

Lifetime licence

Ideal for professional furniture makers who don’t use CNC, comes with the complete set of design features

3D renders
All design features
Instant access to all output options excluding CNC files

PolyBoard Free

Free to use

Comes with the full set of design features, to test before buying or use with our CabinetFile service

3D renders
All design features
Output available as part of our CabinetFile service
Perfect for one-off or occasional projects

Price includes

3 months' Premium Support

Then a lifetime 50% discount

Online set up service

Session included within Premium Support

Quick Design libraries

Access to all hardware, manufacturing methods and models

On demand library service

Request hardware and other library elements, custom videos and models

Need advice?

Access a large range to resources, support and training options to fit your needs.

Please visit our Help Centre for answers to many common queries

Installation advice and use on multiple computers
What languages are available
Does it work in metric and imperial? (YES!)
Are there obligatory upgrade or maintenance fees (NO!)
The support available with your order
Integration with your CNC

More on personal support and training

As well as 100s of video tutorials, we offer tailored 1-2-1 training and support services.

Technical help when you need it

We also have a support forum exclusively available to our customers.

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