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StairDesigner tutorials

Step by step tutorials taking you through the entire design process. We begin by showing you the basics of StairDesigner, along with how to use our Quick Design libraries to offer a huge boost to your productivity. We then move on to many more powerful features plus advice on how to work as fast and accurately as possible. If there's something you cannot find, just ask on the forum. If we don't already have that video, we can make you one.

Getting started

7 Articles

A look at the key features within StairDesigner to help you set up your first stair project. These tutorials are also available on the download page.


3 Articles

How to navigate around StairDesigner. We take a look at the key components of the user interface such as the menus, display options, view modes and language and unit settings.

Part properties

13 Articles

A look at each of the major components of a stair project - steps, stringboards, handrails and newel posts - and how to apply and modify their parameters. It's possible to edit all instances of a component at the same time, or to select an individual step, stringboard etc and adjust that independently of all the others. The control and flexibility that's possible makes it very quick to optimise your design for aesthetics, safety and ease of manufacture.

StairDesigner's Quick Design Materials Library stocks all materials for easy application. Manufacturing Methods are also available to speed up the design and build process. These methods contain pre-configured assembly preferences for all aspects of your stair projects. You can use the configurations we supply or customise them to your exact needs. Then select your preferred set up with the click of a button to each new project.


3 Articles

How to output the manufacturing files from StairDesigner, including adjustments and settings for optimal production. Output options include creation of the cutting list and part by part plans, the complete stair plan and 3D model in DXF, and manufacturing files to run your CNC machine. StairDesigner can also produce 1:1 templates to mark out the stair at full size.

CNC integration

5 Articles

StairDesigner works with all types of CNC software and machines. These guides explain the process, the set up, the post processors that are available, and we’ve also included sample output for testing. Please contact us for further information if required.

Advanced functions

2 Articles

A look at some of the more advanced features and ways of working in StairDesigner. These include the use of the shape editing and the set up for elliptical stairs.

Design tips

2 Articles

'How to' tips and tricks to open up more design possibilities for your StairDesigner software, and work faster and better at the same time.