Furniture testimonials

Sent in from users of PolyBoard, OptiCut, OptiNest and our CabinetFile Service.

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Lippy Brenig

Philip Morrison Interiors

"I've just designed the wardrobes for 10 studio flats, all complicated and all with full cut lists and edging, in 90 minutes.

That's 2 minutes per wardrobe.

Anyone not using this software [PolyBoard] really should be."

furniture design testimonial

Mark Blanco

Furniture manufacturer

"Using PolyBoard with OptiCut allows me to automate the creation of cut lists and cutting maps and also to conceptualise the project in 3D. I was also very pleased with the training I received from Wood Designer where I really came to understand PolyBoard's very advanced functions to create customised manufacturing methods. I would recommend the use of this software without hesitation."

cabinet software case study

Mark Nichols

The Cabinet Shop

"I found the design using PolyBoard easy as usual...but suffice to say it cut the process in half again."


This is brilliant software. It's really helped us a lot.

Matthew Moule
Acoustic GRG Products Ltd

Thank the entire team for providing trim carpenters a reasonably priced software that helps us do our job. I have been looking for software like this for years.

William Thomas
Historical Mouldings & Millwork

I am a start up woodworking business in the US. I love how your design software works.

Lucas Savage
Cabinet maker

kitchen software testimonial

Gareth Ellis

Welshpool Kitchen Company

"With PolyBoard we cut a kitchen out and put it all together in 2 days.

That would have been a 2 week job before."

Lloyd Patel

CabinetFile user

"I never expected the project to turn out so amazing, but more importantly this easy. Due to this being my first project, I had to learn the PolyBoard features using the online resources, but I am busy with my second project now, which literally took me 1 hour (design entire bedroom) to complete."

kitchen design case study

It's wonderful to see that PolyBoard is so robust... Thanks! This software is fantastic!... this really helped out on my last job.

Ko Ohka
Furniture manufacturer, USA

PolyBoard is awesome! It let me visualize and and adjust my project before making a single cut. The tutorials on Wood Designer guided me through the design, measurement and cut-out phases. Ness, Stefan and the community of woodworkers answered all my questions in the web site forum.

Kurt Graustein
CabinetFile user

Great software.

Bob Coxhead
R J Coxhead Joinery Manufacturers

drawer design case study

Terry Green

Greens Custom Carpentry

"This job came out well. Customer was delighted. I was glad to use PolyBoard to work everything out including runner holes as there were 9 drawers to make and fit. I’m using more and more functions of the software. Everything went together perfectly and the drawers run like a dream."

Jean-Paul Abegg

Marobag Romandie SA

"We appreciate the value of PolyBoard and are expanding its use across our can quote us as a satisfied customer."

commercial cabinetry case study

In just a few hours I managed to design on screen exactly the furniture I wanted to bravo to your software, it really is great!!!


I love building beautiful things and always wanted to find a good design software which is easy to use and fits my methods without having to bend them. I found PolyBoard a very well thought-out software and easy to use.

Frank Martin
Frank's Projects Ltd

BTW, PB [PolyBoard] rocks.

CabinetFile user

cabinet case study

Peter Brown

P&S Furniture

"PolyBoard was great, I was able to give the client great presentation before I started any works. I was able to get the doors machined by my supplier and was able to fit to cabinets before they were painted, as the cutting list provided by PolyBoard was so accurate, no mistakes. Cheers"

opticut testimonial

Thierry Daizé

Professional furniture manufacturer

"I am now using OptiCut every single day. I really am very pleased with it."

PolyBoard testimonial

Michal Lacko

Cabinet maker

"In summary, a good grip of PolyBoard and use of sub-methods (box construction, materials used, sub-method for edges, drawers and hardware settings) allowed me to build some quality bespoke furniture while remaining competitive on price."