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The project is complete, and from my point of view, this staircase was a success.

The StairPlan service allowed me to have a starting point for this stair, which changed somewhat over time, although the design of the flights remained broadly the same. It is a solid oak staircase, 1/4 turn at the bottom, 1/4 at the top, steps and risers of thickness 35 mm, without nosing to give it a contemporary look.

I asked Michel (who made the initial plans) for his opinion on the strings, with a view to keeping the design as simple as possible. The strings were made in several pieces, 30 mm plywood. The relative flexibility of this structure was offset by the "self-supporting" aspect of the whole.

This is the first project of its kind for our company.

The StairPlan service has allowed us, at a very reasonable cost, to fulfill the customer's request without any prior knowledge of staircase design, at a price I consider very reasonable. We are currently discussing a new stair project, a 3/4 turn this time.

When this goes ahead, I'll be ordering this service again from Wood Designer.

Christophe Guyot

L'arbre en Boule

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