Your stair, designed for you

  • Please note: this service is temporarily unavailable whilst we upgrade it to incorporate design and build of your projects

Send us your stairwell sizes and specifications, we’ll design your stairs using our StairDesigner software and send you the manufacturing documents

The perfect fit if...

  • You would prefer not to learn how to use StairDesigner

  • You don’t want to design your stair but still want the full workshop plans and DXF output

Your Very Own Personal Design Service

What you’ll get with StairPlan…

  • Up to 8 hours of service

  • Complete personalized study of your stair and associated parts: landing, integrated cupboards and so on

  • Working drawings in DXF, DWG and PDF formats

  • Personal help and advice as you build your project

For just £495 you will get your completed stair design plus the full workshop document and all the DXF files

Get your project started with StairPlan today


Use our StairPlan service for only £495
(Exclusive to Full members)

(+ VAT if applicable)

Up to 8 hours of support including:
A comprehensive study of your staircase
Personal support and advice on your project
On completion of the service, receive all manufacturing documentation

What to do next?

Click on the Join Now button above, sign up as a member, then go to the Member Services page, and buy a StairPlan there. Then send us the specifications for your project and we'll get started on your design.