Become a Wood Designer partner

We have two types of partner

CNC machine suppliers

  • Offer a complete manufacturing solution to your woodwork customers
  • Fully integrated design and optimisation software for your CNCs, including automatic application of tool paths
  • Commission on sales
  • We also promote your business to our customers

Guarantee software integration with your:

  • Nesting CNCs
  • Point to point CNCs
  • CNC and manual saws
  • Drilling machines

Software promoters

  • Businesses wishing to actively promote our software
  • You might be one of our customers or otherwise have access to woodwork related marketing channels
  • Earn a commission on all software and training orders
  • Pass on an extra discount to your leads and customers

Simple system, great commissions:

  • Offer a coupon code to your leads to track sales
  • Commissions sent direct to your bank
  • We can help you with content creation
  • These offers can easily add up to over £1000 on a single order

What to do next?

One-off referral?

We also offer a simple referral scheme for one-off referrals.

  • An easy way to earn and pass on a discount to the buyer at the same time

Please also see our Terms and Conditions.