Reduce production time and increase efficiency with 3D cabinetry software

Cabinets designed with Polyboard

In business, anything which cuts down the time spent completing each individual stage of a job is a benefit, as it means lower costs in terms of staff’s time and so higher profit margins. At Wood Designer we understand the importance of increased efficiency, so are always striving to speed up the design and manufacturing…

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How to set up Polyboard to OptiCut Export with Bar Codes

polyboard and opticut label and bar code process

Here we have a Polyboard project. Let’s see how to set up an export of this project to OptiCut and print the correct labels with bar codes. We will need to set up Polyboard to export the correct information and then set up OptiCut to print the correct information. First let’s set up Polyboard. Polyboard…

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Best Joints for Stairs

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides Stair parts can be assembled with many different type of joints. The type of joint you choose will depend on several different things. Of key importance is where the stairs will be assembled. Assembling a stair in a workshop is usually very easy…

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Assembly Details for Stairs

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Next Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides Here are some thoughts on how to choose the joints for assembling stair parts. As usual, any suggestions or comments are very welcome. Please post a new thread in the forum with your ideas. Before you design your stairs…

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Basic Tools for Stair Builders

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Next Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides If you haven’t built stairs before and you are not a professional carpenter, then it’s a good idea to go through your tool box and see if you have everything you need to complete the job. Now in general…

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