How to create a Display Cabinet in Polyboard

how to make a display cabinet in polyboard

In response to a query on the forum, we’ve made a video to show you how to design a display cabinet in Polyboard, the type you might use for marketing materials like flyers or brochures. The video is less than 2 minutes long, which shows you how easy it is to do in Polyboard. It’s…

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Kitchen and bathroom cabinet projects designed with Polyboard

kitchen project designed in Polyboard

We are delighted to have many amateur woodworkers using Polyboard, our pro cabinet design software, as well as workshops. Here’s a short article based on the experiences of Bernard Amiguet who started working with Polyboard in the spring of 2019. Let’s start with a selection of images showing a kitchen he’s finished (above), and a…

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The new way to add face frames, fillers, plinths and more using Polyboard

face frames in Polyboard

The latest version of Polyboard includes a new design element called External Zones which brings even more design flexibility to your projects. They allow you to add spaces (or volumes) outside your main cabinet to which you can add a range of structures. These Zones can be applied to the top, bottom, back and sides.…

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Wine Rack using Complex Inner Tooling

wine rack in polyboard using complex tooling

We’ve created a video on how to design a wine rack in Polyboard, first by creating a complex shape for the sides of the cabinet in CAD and then importing and applying this shape in Polyboard. There is a shape editing feature within Polyboard see the image below. But you may prefer to draw the…

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CutList Plus and Polyboard Integration

cutlist plus polyboard integration

CutList Plus is a cutting optimisation solution that will take a cutting list and from it generate a cutting diagram or map optimised to minimise material waste. Polyboard is our furniture design and manufacturing software. As soon as you have your design ready it outputs the cut list, plans and CNC files for your project.…

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CNC stair production for small to medium workshops

cnc stair production

In this case study we’re using a 3-axis CNC machine to manufacture a stair that consists of solid wood parts prepared from raw timber. This is one of the CNCs we offer and is typically used for nested manufacture of cabinetry and other furniture using sheet materials. CNC stair production can be done on a…

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Stairwell Measurements

basic stair measurements

This article is Part 2 of a web version of our eBook Stairs: Taking Sizes. It focuses on the importance of the on site measurements, and how to do that accurately and easily. Here’s a link to Part 1: How to Measure Stairs You can also download the eBook here Basic measurements Here is a…

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How to Measure Stairs


This article focuses on how to measure stairs, and forms Part 1 of a web version of our eBook Stairs: Taking Sizes. There’s a link to Part 2 at the bottom of the page. You can find a downloadable version of the eBook here. Introduction One of the most important tasks that faces a stair…

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Using Wedges in Stair Building

wedges for stair building

The use of wedges in stair construction is commonplace in many countries but mainly those with an Anglo-Saxon heritage like the UK, US and Canada. A key goal in stair building is to create a staircase that fits together firmly, and that is resistant to the effects of wood contraction over time. In particular, it’s…

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Kitchen manufacture 4 times faster with a CNC

cnc kitchen design with polyboard

Let’s start with the title of this article then. The kitchen project we’re highlighting here took 2 days instead of the normal 8. That’s 4 times faster than previously. From design to assembly using an integrated CNC and software solution. Here’s a summary of each stage of production: 1. Design in Polyboard Parametric design of…

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