Basement stairs with no square angles

We are very happy to share this challenging basement stair project, completed by Scott Saxon in the USA. Scott used our StairFile service, along with the free version of StairDesigner, to complete the design then

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media cabinet

Woodwork resources management, project success vs failure

The art of resource management Whether you are an amateur or a professional woodworker, if you are going to build a project of any importance, you will be juggling your resources. Good…

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bed designer

Bed design software with cabinet functionality

We’ve created this video to highlight how you can use PolyBoard as a great bed design software for professional workshops. The video is under 5 mins long, that’s all you need to…

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lockdowel kitchen project

No glue, no screw cabinet assembly by Lockdowel

The last update of PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries included a range of innovative fastener and drawer slider systems from Lockdowel. Let’s take a closer look here at the set up, designed for…

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camper van interiors software

Design and build van cabinets using PolyBoard

We’ve created a camper van cabinet project in PolyBoard to highlight how the software is able to accommodate this kind of challenging design. Camper van cabinets, and commercial van cabinets too, must…

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Hettich AvanTech YOU in PolyBoard

Hettich AvanTech YOU drawer integration with PolyBoard cabinet software

We have partnered with Hettich to incorporate the AvanTech YOU drawer system into PolyBoard’s hardware library. The AvanTech YOU was included in our recent Quick Design libraries update, but we wanted to…

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Using the 32mm system with PolyBoard

32mm cabinet system: instant application plus manufacturing output

The 32mm cabinet system is a method of construction based on using 5mm diameter holes drilled regularly along vertical components at 32mm increments. These holes are then used to locate hardware to…

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half turn stair case study

Half turn stair design for irregular stairwell

We are extremely grateful to Hervé Martin for sending in this wonderful story of his stair design journey, finishing with a beautiful ash and cherry half turn stair, made to fit a…

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peanut 1 in polyboard cabinet

PEANUT connecting system now available in PolyBoard

We are very happy to announce our new partnership with Intelligent Fixings. We’ve been hearing great things from our software customers about their PEANUT cabinet connectors, so we have added the full…

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PolyBoard Quick Design libraries update

PolyBoard Quick Design libraries update

The latest release of PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries, version 7.5, is now available for download. Here’s a taste of the new components you can now add to your cabinet projects… Auto apply…

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how to build stairs

Making stairs: key design considerations

Preparing your project Whilst incredibly rewarding, making stairs is challenging and mistakes invariably costly. Before throwing yourself into StairDesigner to input your stair parameters and design preferences, and then output your manufacturing…

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