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  • Intensive support to get the very best out of your software

  • Help with any blocks you have to completing your woodwork projects

  • Consultancy to help you grow your business

The perfect fit if...

  • You want to fast track your skills development and know everything is geared to you as an individual

  • You have a unique set of requirements that can only be fully accommodated through 1-2-1 support

  • Your preferred learning method is through scheduled direct contact with a consultant

  • You want to look in detail at where your business is and how to kick start further growth

Access a lifetime of expert knowledge today

All support and training orders include...

  • 2 months Premium Support free of charge, then a 50% off lifetime discount - value £100+
  • Polyboard and StairDesigner Quick Design Libraries
  • On demand service for hardware and other library elements, custom videos and models
  • Recordings of your online training sessions to watch and download later - training packs only

More businesses profiting from our
training and support services


Examples of the personalised support we provide

  • Hesitant about accepting a job you've never done before?

    Expand your skill set…complex projects, advanced cabinetry, curved stairs and stair parts, the best design and build techniques and lots more.

  • Need to adapt our software for special manufacturing methods or create specific libraries?

    With personal support we will lead you through the process of customizing our software to mirror your design and manufacturing workflow. A very effective way to work faster and better and with less stress.

  • Not sure what's the best production method to build your projects?

    We will analyse your business in the context of your workshop structure and resources to find the best solutions for you today. Save time and money at the project level and long term for your business.

  • Unsure how to improve your production methods?

    Wondering whether to buy CNC and what machine will best fit your needs? We will help you make the right decision with expert advice from a team that knows what running a woodwork business is all about.

  • NEW: Online training packs are now recorded so you can watch them again later!

    1 hour online is worth 3 hours on site!

    Watch your training session again in your own time, think about questions for the next one or ask on the forum between sessions.

    Plus no more downtime in the workshop blocking out days at a time!

1-2-1 Support Packs for any and all queries, purpose built Software Training Packs and On Site Training are all available, see below for details

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You will if you buy training at the same time as purchasing any of our software or services

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