1-2-1 training and support

Expert advice when and where you need it.

For our structured training programmes and specialist support packs please contact us to confirm the best mix of packs for your needs and to receive a quote.

Alternatively, our multi-use support packs can be ordered directly from our online store.

Links to the content of each pack can be found below.

Intensive support to get the very best out of your software

Help with any blocks you have to completing your woodwork projects

Design support for your projects or your customers' projects

Examples of the personalised support we provide

polyboard training

Not sure how to start benefiting from your new software?

Follow our structured training programmes tailored to your needs. Start with the basics or jump into advanced design set up and hardware/library management.

Need to adapt our software to specific manufacturing methods and hardware use?

With personal support we will lead you through the process of customizing our software to mirror your design and manufacturing preferences. A very effective way to work faster and better and with less stress.

Looking for support with the integration of our software and your CNC machine?

Configure our software to work with your CNC set up, including automatic tool selection for highly optimised production and fast, 100% accurate assembly.

Hesitant about accepting a job you've never done before?

Expand your skill set…we can work on complex project designs with you, from advanced cabinetry to curved stairs and stair parts.

stairdesigner training

Access a lifetime of expert knowledge today

Online training packs are recorded so you can watch them again later!

1 hour online is worth 3 hours on site!

Watch your training session again in your own time, think about questions for the next one or ask on the forum between sessions.

Plus no more downtime in the workshop blocking out days at a time!

wood designer support

The perfect fit if...

  • You want to maximise the benefits from your new software investment
  • You want to fast track your skills development and know everything is geared to you as an individual
  • You want to ensure your design to manufacturing process is as fast, accurate and efficient as possible
  • Your preferred learning method is through scheduled direct contact with one of our technical team

Some of the businesses profiting from our training and support services

Polyboard training case study

Dean Price

Tees Tech Joinery

"We took advantage of a library set up pack which got my own skills and knowledge of PolyBoard up and running very quickly along, with working alongside the team at Wood Designer to create my own set of manufacturing methods I use daily."

PolyBoard + OptiNest + SCM CNCs

Polyboard model set up support

Dan Johnson

Caterpillar Inc.

"Our team were more than happy with PolyBoard, but on top of that what we really appreciated was being able to commission a series of custom units to meet our exact requirements. Along with the training we received, this was a very effective way to get to the manufacturing stage as quickly and efficiently as possible."

PolyBoard + Holz-her CNC saws

stair design training


Escalier Artisanal de l’Estrie Inc.

"Thanks for your help. Since I started my company three years ago, your techniques and advice continue to help and inspire my work."

StairDesigner training programme

1-2-1 software training and support packs

  • Software configuration services
  • Basic through to advanced training programmes
  • Design services for cabinetry and stairs
  • Hardware and library set up service
  • Post processor set up for your CNC machine
  • Generic multi purpose packs for your specific needs

See below for details

PolyBoard Packs


Structured training and set up to get you up and running fast and get the most out of your new software

StairDesigner Packs


Structured training and set up to get you up and running fast and get the most out of your new software

Support Packs

4 hours, flexible online sessions

Flexible support option, use the time to work on a specific design project or as an alternative to the forum support

Dependent on the nature of the support required, session times may vary or we may work on your behalf outside a face to face session

All support and training orders include...

3 months' Premium Support

Then a lifetime 50% discount

Online training portfolio

Recordings of your online training sessions to watch and download later

Quick Design libraries

Access to all hardware, manufacturing methods and models

On demand service

Request hardware and other library elements, custom videos and models