OptiCut Cutting Optimization Software

Professional cutting optimization software for sheet and profiled materials.

OptiCut software is ideal for wood, wood composites, metal, plastics, plus just about any industry dealing with cutting sheets or profiles. Plus powerful waste and off cut management.

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The best quality, price and performance mix on the market. Watch this video where we design in Polyboard then export the cut list to OptiCut for optimization.

Did you know...

One of the biggest time and money drains in any manufacturing business is cutting up raw materials. And material costs are rising by the minute so saving even 10% on a large project can save hundreds if not thousands in hard cash. Doing it right is vital to the competitiveness of any manufacturing business.

OptiCut has enabled us to make a 20% saving on raw materials as well as enormous savings in time and effort.

Thank you again for this excellent tool.

Eric Machot
Eric Machot Machot Bois

Are you...

  • Wasting serious time and money cutting your sheet and profiled materials

  • Optimizing by hand or not optimizing at all because it takes too much time

  • Wondering how many sheets and lengths of moulding to buy for a new project

  • Piling up all those off cuts and never getting round to using them

Change That Today!

Cut out the hard work and errors from your cutting operations


  • Optimize your cutting lists on to all sheet materials including wood, metal and plastics

  • Optimize cutting in given lengths, mouldings, profiles, beams, battens, tubes and rods

  • Automatically manage off cuts from previous optimizations and integrate into current jobs

  • Produce cutting maps that tell you exactly how to cut each sheet and in what sequence

Some of the businesses successfully using OptiCut software today...

Trusted by 1000s of users worldwide


What makes our software unique...

  • Unbeatable Value

    Up to 5 times cheaper than other high performance pro software.

  • Honest about Prices

    No sales person to go through to find out what you’ll pay. Everything is available on our website.

  • No Nasty Surprises

    You can buy the software outright with no obligatory upgrade fees or hidden support costs.

Stop wasting time, money and effort

With OptiCut you will save material and always know exactly how many sheets to buy, how to cut each part, and take into account and use the off cuts that you have already in stock.

OptiCut interfaces seamlessly with all versions of Polyboard, including Polyboard Lite

Click here for more details on Polyboard

OptiCut Optimization Software Key Features

Multi-mode algorithms

Powerful parametric algorithms.

Including 6 predefined optimization modes: Fast, Standard 1 & 2, Advanced 1 & 2 and CNC optimized.

Whether you need to optimize faster, cut faster, are cutting by hand or on a CNC, choosing the right mode will make your job easier and more efficient.

Use mixed materials and panel sizes in the same list

No need to sort your cutting lists by material type.

No need to sort the original sheet sizes.

If have several materials on your list and different sized sheets in stock, OptiCut will automatically search

the sheets by size and material you have in stock and optimizes the appropriate parts on the right panels.

For each material you have in stock, OptiCut will take into account all available sheet sizes, including the stock of off cuts.

Optimize with or without grain direction

Opticut will automatically take into account the grain direction of veneered sheets.

Automatic deduction of edging material and/or additional dimensions for rough cut parts

OptiCut will adjust the parts sizes according to the thickness of edging material that you apply to your parts.

You can define edging thicknesses, and displays either net (cutting) or finished edged dimensions.

You can use the edging parameters to define rough-cut parts that will be re-calibrated afterwards (for instance on a CNC or fine cut saw).

Cutting maps with cutting sequence

OptiCut doesn't only calculate the optimal position of all your parts but will tell you how to cut by writing a complete cutting map.

You’ll know the exact sequence of cuts necessary to use the least material possible and minimize the time necessary to cut your panels.

Automatic stock and off cuts management

You can manage your existing stock of sheets and materials and include usable off cuts from previous projects.

OptiCut’s stock management can be up-dated after each optimization.

Off cuts defined with a minimal usable dimensions will be considered reusable and integrated into existing the stock and used in future projects.

Technical and Financial Reporting

After each optimization OptiCut will print with the cutting maps and a complete global report that lists the technical data, the cost of the materials used, the waste and the cutting time.

A great way to know how much money you have saved!

Multi-material optimization

Not just a wood cutting software, optimization of metals, plastics and virtually any material that comes in panels.

But not just panel cutting optimization, OptiCut manages profiles, mouldings, battens, beams, joists, metal rods, bars, strips and any material that you manage in fixed lengths. In the same way as OptiCut optimizes sheet material it will print cutting maps, as well as global reports, and labels for all your materials in lengths.

Sheet manipulation

OptiCut has a sheet turnaround function that enables you to change cutting direction (horizontal or vertical) within the same cutting map.

Changing cutting direct will diminish waste but may increase sheet manipulation and therefore machine time, it’s for you to choose the best compromise for you project.

A project with expensive material will be better optimized with turnaround, whereas low cost material might require less machine time and be optimized without turnaround.

Note as that it might sometimes be better to waste a few minutes cutting rather than have to go out and buy an extra sheet.

Automatic Label Printing

To follow your parts though the workshop, OptiCut will print labels for each part.

Once printed just glue the labels onto your boards and without picking up your tape measure, you’ll know exactly

the real size and reference of the part.

You’ll be working like a real pro while saving lots of time, errors and headaches!

opticut software

Read and write cutting lists in all formats

Optimization software that will read and write cutting lists made on all major spread sheets like Excel, Open Office, etc.

Will also interface directly with Polyboard and most cabinet design software like TopWood, Obnie, Kitchen Draw, etc.

Intergrated Post Processors for CNC saws

OptiCut's integrated post processor writes cutting maps for the all the major CNC saws. Click here for more information on integrating OptiCut with your CNC machine including a sample optimization download.


OptiCut Versions

5 versions with performance and prices to suit your workshop and budget.

All versions are fully featured professional versions, only the number of parts that you can optimize changes. From 50 pieces up to unlimited capacity (with Pro and Pro PP versions).

All versions seamlessly interface with all Polyboard versions, including Polyboard Lite.

OptiCut Pro PP

Unlimited + post processor CNC output

This high end industrial version writes the code for your CNC saws
more information

OptiCut Pro

Unlimited number of parts

No need to separate cutting lists into parts

OptiCut 500

Cutting list limited to 500 parts

Ideal for most small to medium sized shops
Larger projects can be optimized in 2 parts

OptiCut 200

Cutting list limited to 200 parts

Save cutting lists into sections for medium sized projects

OptiCut 50

Cutting list limited to 50 parts

Ideal for small shops
Manage larger projects by optimizing several times

We want you to have the best software for your needs so...

Upgrades to a higher version of OptiCut are FREE for 30 days. After 30 days, we'll pay you 70% of the price of your current version.

Price includes

  • 6 months Premium Support then a lifetime 50% discount - value £300
  • Cut lists and plans for furniture and stair projects designed with the free versions of Polyboard and StairDesigner (up to 1 project/month)

To see first hand how our OptiCut software will benefit your business, please contact us for an on-line demonstration.

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