StairDesigner stair design software

Professional 3D staircase design software. Design and build all stairs, no matter how complex!

Automatically calculates, draws plans, elevations and 3D models, and outputs the cut list and CNC files, so you can get on with building your projects.

Wooden staircase design plus stair construction plans for glass and metal stairs. U-shaped, L-shaped, curved, spiral, indoor and outdoor stair construction, or anything in between!

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stair designer

Simple intuitive design

Parts and materials based workflow that's easy to learn.

Our stair program enables you to quickly input stair dimensions and then automatically calculate the stairs to standard building regulations.

Ability to create any shaped stairs. Quick set up of all common shapes, multi-flights and helicoidal stairs. Plans for U-shaped, L-shaped, curved and spiral staircases easily generated.


Instant calculation of all stair parts: strings, steps, risers, newel posts, spindles and hand rails.

Apply assembly preferences to new projects in seconds using StairDesigner's manufacturing methods and libraries.

Print plans, parts and cutting lists in a workshop folder. Print full size part templates as workshop mark ups for cutting and machining. Export post processor files for CAD/CAM programs and CNC routers.

Manage the complexities of real life

Fit into unusual stairwells and create cut outs around columns, pipes etc. StairDesigner fits the plans to the available space and shape of your project.

Fast and efficient optimisation

StairDesigner uses special algorithms to calculate and optimise stringers, step shapes and positions, and all other parts.

Follow StairDesigner's lead or adjust in a few clicks for safety, aesthetics and ease of manufacture.

  • Automatically calculate step height, going (tread width) and treadline. Verify the 3 parameters H, G and treadline against adjustable min and max control values
  • Quick wizard function optimises the number of steps, risers and flight lengths
  • Simple to edit your project with the Stair Rule dynamically updated in real time until it meets safety requirements
  • Calculate the best shape and position of strings, winders, handrails, etc.
  • Automatic and optimised dividing of balusters for closed and cut strings
stair design software
staircase design software

Versatile design with great presentations

Build real 3D models with wood textures, add any other material, plus lighting and transparency options.

Spiral and helicoidal stairs, straight flights, turning stairs with winders, curved stairs, landings, cut strings, box strings, central cut string stairs and more.

Variable width and variable shaped steps, handrails and strings. Create plans for construction of internal or external design projects.

Library management of materials and assembly details. Design wooden stairs or cater for other materials like metal and toughened glass.

Efficient production

Instant access to 100% accurate manufacturing output

  • Complete and detailed 2D plans and elevations
  • 3D models in DXF and 3DS
  • Complete and detailed plan of every stair part
  • Cutting list of all parts, with total bill of materials and prices
  • Print ready 1:1 templates of each part

Integration with all CNCs

  • Clean layered DXF files of every part, industry standard format accepted by all CNC software
  • Native file formats for Biesse, Homag, SCM, Morbidelli, Holz-her, Felder, Vitap, Busellato, Brema, Format4
  • Ability to auto apply tooling operations
  • Extensive range of post processor customisations
stair manufacturing output

Error free design to manufacturing

A staircase design software created for small and medium workshops specialising in custom projects.

Our stair design software in action

Step 1

stair models in stairdesigner

Design time approx. 30 mins

Calculate and draw a quarter turn stair with winders

On site dimensions are input into StairDesigner. The program calculates the stairs, optimizes the number of steps, the step height and going and draws the plan.

Step 2

3d stair design models


Building a 3D model and print out different 3D views

Our staircase program automatically builds the 3D model. You can view this model in full detail to verify the design and export different views for commercial documentation.

Step 3

stairdesigner's 2d plans of each part

Approx. 5 to 10 mins

Workshop drawings and folder

Once the plans are drawn up our staircase designer solution creates a workshop folder with a plan drawing and separate drawings for each and every stair part.

Step 4

full size stair templates

Approx. 5 to 10 mins

Workshop templates and CNC files

Our stair designer software also outputs the full size workshop templates, DXF files for CAD/CAM and CNC machining (and brand specific post processor files for Homag, SCM, Morbidelli, Biesse, Felder, Vitap, Brema, Holz-her etc).

Step 5

stairdesigner's cut list of parts

Done in 1 min

Cutting list

StairDesigner automatically prints out the cutting lists with dimensions of each part, total weight and price of the raw materials, and total volume of wood used.

Step 6

the finished staircase design

The finished stair

An incredibly efficient way to design and build.

As well as wooden staircase construction plans, perfect for metal and glass stairs, and all stairwells: U-shaped; L-shaped; curved; spiral; or anything in between.

More great design and
manufacturing features

curved shaped steps using stair designer software

Step shaping with DXF import

Apply any shape to your step, like alternating steps, bullnose or half bullnose. Edit on the fly or import DXF shapes into your library.

stair winders

Full winder management

Limit your winders to just around the turn, automatic application plus ability to manually precision adjust individual winders.

individual step parameters

Individual parts management

Each individual part is separate and can be edited in isolation e.g. move/rotate any step individually. All assembly details are parametric, thickness, overlaps, recesses...

wedges management in our stair designer software

Wedging for step and riser housings

Option to extend the step and/or riser housing to the stringboard edge at a custom angle. Results in strong joint, and helps on site assembly.

headroom control in stairdesigner

Headroom control feature

Input stairwell dimensions to automatically calculate headroom. Adjustable control value warning system if below acceptable height.

stair stringer curve editor

Stringer advanced editing

Fine tune the shape of your stringboards with our staircase planner's built in curves editor to accurately reflect your design goals.

triangulation for irregular stairwells

Triangulation for irregular stairwells

Our staircase designer software includes a pop up tool to accurately calculate complex stairwell angles using your on site dimensions.

s shaped, l shaped, u shaped stairs in stairdesigner

S shaped, L shaped, U shaped stairs

Draw any shaped stair with up to 7 flights each at any angle/turn, each with its own length, width and unique specifications.

A stair design tool that's easy to learn and even easier to use

Cut out design and mark up errors and avoid unnecessary work throughout the construction process.

Just a few of the businesses successfully using StairDesigner today...

curved stair created in stairdesigner software

Paul Brumfield

Kings Cliffe Joinery

"StairDesigner has speeded things up no end and is very easy to manipulate...We can very quickly check the stair will fit the stairwell and check the headroom, and print out 1:1 templates to frame clamp in place. It’s like having another pair of hands in the workshop."

wood metal staircase project

Julien Lauvand

Stair manufacturer

"I'm writing to you almost a year since I began working with StairDesigner. The software has allowed me to expand into stair manufacture by removing all the complicated steps you often have to deal with in a smaller workshop. Calculations are also very easy. Here are some pictures of the first staircase I made with StairDesigner."

curved stair design using stair designer

Artūrs Petrovskis

Professional stair maker

"Hi, I'm enjoying this professional stair design tool, not only for manufacturing but also for sales. Customers like it very much when they can get 3D pictures of their stairs instantly right there on site after I've measured the stairwell, and they can see different options and styles."

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stairdesigner software

StairDesigner comes in 2 versions

StairDesigner Pro PP

Lifetime licence

Includes our powerful post processor suite for use with any CNC

  • 3D renders
  • All design features
  • Instant access to all output options including CNC files
  • Post processors for Homag, Biesse, SCM/Morbidelli, Felder/Vitap/Brema/Busellato, Format4 and NC-HOPS
  • Industry standard DXF post processor compatible with all CNC software

StairDesigner Pro

Lifetime licence

Ideal for professional stair makers who don’t use CNC

  • 3D renders
  • All design features
  • Instant access to all output options excluding CNC files
  • Ability to load the drawings into your CAD package for editing and custom printing