Introducing StairDesigner 7

Professional Staircase Design Software

Design and build all stairs, no matter how complex! Automatically calculates, draws plans, elevations and 3D models, so you can get on with building your projects.

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StairDesigner 7 Special Offer

We will be launching the new version of StairDesigner, version 7, in the near future. It is being rewritten from the ground up, complete with many new features for even faster and more accurate design and manufacture.

Although we are still adding functionality, it is now available as a BETA release, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE when you buy version 6.

All future upgrades to version 7 will then be free of charge. This means you will not have to pay to upgrade to version 7 after the official launch.

This offer is only available until the launch of version 7 in the near future.

Please note that version 7 is a completely new program. The file format is not compatible with version 6. You can work either in version 6 or 7. Version 6 projects cannot be opened with version 7.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like an online demonstration.

New StairDesigner 7 features include...

  • Ability to create any shaped stairs; quick set up of all common shapes, multi-flights and helicoidal stairs

  • Variable width and variable shaped steps, handrails and strings

  • Fit into unusual stairwells and create cut outs around columns, pipes etc

  • Enhanced 3D rendering for client presentations

  • Every individual part is now separate and can be edited in isolation

  • Library management of materials and assembly details

What makes our software unique...

  • Unbeatable Value

    Up to 5 times cheaper than other high performance pro software.

  • Honest about Prices

    No sales person to go through to find out what you’ll pay. Everything is available on our website.

  • No Nasty Surprises

    You can buy the software outright with no obligatory upgrade fees or hidden support costs.

StairDesigner 6

See Version 6 of our stair designer software in action below...

A selection of the projects StairDesigner can easily cope with

Stand Out Features

  • Calculates the optimal number of steps and risers

  • Calculates the best shape and position of strings, winders, handrails, etc

  • Draws complete and detailed 2D plans and elevations

  • Draws a complete and detailed plan of each separate stair part

  • Writes a cutting list of all the parts, with total bill of materials and prices

  • Part by part post processor files for CNC processing: clean layered DXF files plus native file formats for Biesse, Homag, Felder, Vitap and Brema

  • Intuitive materials based workflow that's easy to learn

  • All saving you time and money through automation

How to integrate StairDesigner with your CNC+ sample stair manufacturing output

Just a few of the businesses successfully using StairDesigner today...

Get from site dimensions to workshop plans
and CNC machining in a few minutes!

See what makes our stair design software
the popular choice…

  • Versatility

    Build spiral stairs, straight flights, turning stairs with winders, curved stairs, central cut string stairs and more. Perfect for wood, metal or stone stair building. Special functions are included for drawing stair parts (wood or marble) covering concrete stairs.

  • Speed

    Our stair program enables you to quickly input stair dimensions and then automatically calculates the stairs to standard building regulations.

  • Easy and Safe

    StairDesigner uses special algorithms to calculate and optimise stringers and step shapes and positions. This makes turning stairs with winders easy and safe to do. Build stairs with cut strings, boxed strings, straight, curved and wreathed.

  • Automation

    Automatically calculates all stair parts: strings, steps, risers, newel posts, spindles and hand rails. Print plans, parts and cutting lists in a workshop folder. Print full size part templates as workshop mark ups for cutting and machining. Export post processor files for CAD/CAM programs and CNC routers.

  • Great Presentation

    Builds real 3D models with wood textures and lighting and transparency.

  • Time and Money Saver

    Easy to learn and even easier to use. Cut out design and mark up errors and avoids unnecessary work.

Intuitive Workflow That Mirrors Real Life

Want to check out even more features?
How about these…

  • Stairwells & Flights

    Calculates spiral and helicoidal stairs. Up to 7 flights per stair. Each flight can have its own length and width. Variable angles for first and last steps. Variable angles between each flight.

  • Auto Calculations & Verifications

    Calculates step height, going and tread line. Verifies the 3 parameters H, G, and tread line, with min and max values. Quick wizard function optimises the number of steps and flight lengths. Automatic and optimised dividing of balusters for closed and cut strings.

  • Balancing Function

    Automatic step balancing function gives optimized steps and stringers. Fully parametric balancing function works on groups, fix steps, works on any shape staircases.

  • S Shaped Stairs

    Draw any shaped stair with up to 7 flights at any angle, any turn, each with its own specifications. Draw S shaped stairs, L shaped stairs, U shaped stairs, any shaped stairs.

  • Steps & Risers

    Move and rotate any step individually. All assembly details are parametric, thickness, overlaps, recesses, etc.

  • Strings, Newel Posts & Handrails

    Fully parametric straight, curved, wreathed, closed or cut strings. Parametric newel posts, handrails and balusters.

StairDesigner in Action

1. Calculate and draw a quarter turn stair with winders

On site dimensions are input into StairDesigner. The program calculates the stairs, optimizes the number of steps, the step height and going and draws the plan.


Design time: around 30 mins

2. Building a 3D model and printing out different 3D views

StairDesigner automatically builds the 3D model. You can view the model in all its details to verify the design and export different views for commercial documentation.

stair design software

Time to build the 3D model: 0 mins

3. Workshop drawings and folder

Once the plans are drawn up StairDesigner automatically creates a workshop folder with a plan drawing and separate drawing for each stair part.

staircase design software

Time to print workshop folder: 5 to 10 mins

4. Workshop templates

Our stair designer software also outputs the full size workshop templates, DXF files for CAD/CAM and CNC machining (and brand specific post processor files for Homag, Biesse, Felder, Vitap and Brema).

stair program

5. Cutting lists

StairDesigner automatically prints out the cutting lists with dimensions of each part, total weight and price of the raw materials, and total volume of wood used.

Time to print cutting lists: 1 min

6. The finished stair

An incredibly efficient way to design and build…

Get your project started with StairDesigner today!


Guarantee and Conditions of Sale

We back up all our offers with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee (minus £80 admin costs or £40 if you already have Premium Support).

Try our stair design software for a full 30 days to see if they are right for you and your business. Test them on real projects and make them run your CNC machines.

If for any reason you are not happy, just uninstall StairDesigner, send us the uninstall code and we’ll refund you.

Our objective is not just to sell you software, but to help you find the best solution for your needs and your business.

By purchasing this software, you agree to our terms and conditions detailed here.

StairDesigner comes in 2 configurations

Both are fully featured professional solutions

The first option includes our powerful post processor suite for use with virtually any CNC, the second option is available for those working without a CNC


StairDesigner Pro PP

Only available in version 7 BETA

DXF output adapted for full integration with any CNC, additional post processors for MPR (woodWOP, HOMAG machines), CID and CIX (BiesseWorks and bSolid for Biesse machines) and TCN and CNC (TpaCAD for Felder, Vitap, Brema)
click here for details

StairDesigner Pro DXF

Version 6 and version 7 BETA

All design and manufacturing output including cut lists, plans and full size templates, plus DXF output of all part shapes and assembly details for editing in your CAD package

+ VAT if applicable

Installment plan availableContact us for details

+ VAT if applicable

Installment plan availableContact us for details

Price includes:

  • 1 hour Set Up service - value £150
  • 6 months Premium Support then a lifetime 50% discount - value £300
  • Quick Design Libraries Pro - all manufacturing methods - value £500
  • Cut lists and plans for furniture projects designed with the free version of Polyboard (up to 1 project/month)
  • Access to ALL vidoes, models, guides and eBooks

Current Special Offers

10% OFF !

StairDesigner integrates perfectly with OptiCut and OptiNest. If you buy StairDesigner along with either of these, or any of our other software solutions, you'll get 10% off the price of the cheapest product. Contact us to receive your special price and to arrange payment.

StairDesigner 7 BETA free of charge

We are currently offering the StairDesigner 7 Pro DXF BETA version free of charge when you buy StairDesigner 6. All future upgrades of version 7 will be free of charge too. Get version 7 now to save money before the official launch coming soon.

To see first hand how our staircase design software will benefit your business, please contact us for an on-line demonstration.

Register for free to download and test the free version of StairDesigner; complete with all design features. Projects created with this version will work in the activated version.

How to complete your order

Following payment, click here to register for free. Then click here to install the free/demo version of StairDesigner.

Finally, send us the user code using this contact form. We’ll send you back your activation code so that you can start using your new stair designer software straight away.

If you would like to pay via bank transfer please contact us and we’ll send you our bank details.

For more information on installing your software and other details, please see our FAQs page.

Only make stairs occasionally?

Use our StairFile service in conjunction with the free version of StairDesigner and we'll send you the full workshop documents and DXF files.

This service is exclusive to Premium Support subscribers so you will also have access to advice and support as you build your stair.