Vectric VCarve Pro software

Multi-purpose CAM software to integrate perfectly with Polyboard and StairDesigner and a huge range of CNCs.

Plus carving, engraving, moulding, sign making, nesting and many other design and manufacturing features.

This image shows the parts from a Polyboard project nested in VCarve, with full tool paths set up, ready for output to a CNC machine.

vcarve pro

Combine with Polyboard and StairDesigner, our design and manufacturing solutions, to allow you complete flexibility in what you want to build, all automatically output to your CNC in minutes

VCarve Pro's key features

vcarve pro software cnc integration

Output for almost every CNC machine

VCarve comes with a huge range of post processors to output the code to run your machine.

If you cannot find your CNC in the list, it is normally possible to create a post processor for you. Please contact us for more details.

Fast, simple and automatic integration with Polyboard and StairDesigner

Polyboard and StairDesigner come with highly configurable DXF post processors. Once you've finished your furniture or stair design, output the part by part DXF files to VCarve.

VCarve uses a templates system to interpret these files, complete with all tool path and machining details for immediate and 100% accurate output of your machine code.

vcarve and polyboard stairdesigner integration
Watch the video below to see how fast and easy the Polyboard to VCarve to CNC integration is.
nesting in vcarve software

Excellent basic nesting function

If you are using a nesting CNC, you must nest your parts so they can be efficiently cut and machined at the same time on your machine.

VCarve comes with an integral nesting module that works very well to minimise waste and speed up the cutting process.

Alternatively add OptiNest for a complete nesting solution

If you want full nesting with labels and stock management, it is simple to add OptiNest to your production process.

vcarve and optinest integration
carving features in vcarve

Specialist features for carving, mouldings, engraving and sign making

Ability to design in 2D and 2.5D, plus import of 3D models for manipulation before application of tool paths and cutting.

These allow you to create stunning designs additions to your woodwork projects.

Plus many more design features

Including an extensive 2D and 3D art library.

Create texture patterns as vectors, apply raised prism machining, cut tapered grooves for a fluting effect, cut out / pocket profiles for inlays and lots more...

vcarve 2d and 3d library

Get started today!

Download the VCarve Pro trial version to test with your CNC

The trial version includes sample files that you can use to create the code to run your CNC machine.

Any work you do in the trial version won't be lost. You will be able to transfer it to an activated version of the software later.

Price includes:

VCarve Pro support from Vectric including video tutorials, community forum, email and phone support
Also receive 6 months' Wood Designer Premium Support including access to our technical support forum, screen share sessions and many other resources
Licence can be used on 3 computers
vcarve pro download

How to complete your order

Once you've placed an order for VCarve Pro, you will be supplied with a download link for the full version, plus a licence key to activate it. Please note, you do not activate the trial version.