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Download the free version of Polyboard for your furniture design projects, along with our new and improved Polyboard libraries, and watch a short video series to get you up and running fast. We've got the manufacturing documents of a test project available to download at the bottom of the page as well.

For more advice, please get in touch via our forum, or contact us for pre-sale queries. We can also arrange an on-line demonstration which is a great way to see the software in action.

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Download available after free registration
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Windows: XP, Vista, 7 or above - 2GB RAM minimum, 4GB recommended

Mac: we have many Mac clients successfully using our software with a Windows Emulator. Please see our FAQs page for details.

Please note: near the end of the install process, you will be asked to activate your software to unlock the full set of features. You can skip this step unless you have purchased the full version.

The free/demo version includes all design functionality. The only thing it doesn't do is output the manufacturing documents like your cutting list and plans. However, sample files are available at the bottom of this page.

Download available after free registration
Please click here to register

The installer will copy the library files onto your desktop into this folder:

Your desktop\polyboard-lite.en

Important: the new install will overwrite all files in desktop\Polyboard-lite.en if it already exists.

If you are updating previous Quick Design Libraries that you have customised, and you want to keep the old libraries, you must rename the old libraries folder before installing the updates.

Please also note: you must be using the latest version of Polyboard to use the latest version of the libraries. Simply click on the Polyboard download button on this page to install the latest version.

Please also download and install our Quick Design Libraries Lite edition of hardware, assembly details and models to massively speed up the design process. The complete Quick Design Libraries Pro edition (value £500) is available to Premium Support subscribers and also comes with any purchase of Polyboard.

The libraries are delivered as examples; we advise you test and adjust them to your manufacturing methods before using them for production. Consider our Libraries Set Up service to tailor them to your specific needs.

Quick Design Videos

1. Installing Polyboard and the Quick Design Libraries

The Quick Design Libraries Lite edition is free to download from this page. To get the Quick Design Libraries Pro download, which includes all hardware and manufacturing details, sign up for Premium Support (free of charge if you buy Polyboard).

2. Installing the Quick Design Environment and Toolbars

Once you have installed the Quick Design Libraries, this video shows how to install the Quick Design environment with the Quick Design toolbars.

Please note that installing the Quick Design environment will overwrite all previous modifications you might have made to the Polyboard environment. If in doubt don't hesitate to contact us.

3. Quick Design Libraries presentation

The following series of videos will walk you through the basics of using Polyboard with Quick Design. For more in depth details please look at the Quick Design Advanced videos and read the Quick Design Manual in the guides folder in the polyboard-lite.en libraries folder.

To open the models shown in this video, open Polyboard then click on the 'Open' icon in the menu and navigate to this folder:
Desktop > polyboard-lite.en > models

4. Quick Design Toolbars Overview, Quick Design Project Toolbar

A look at all 4 toolbars, then start to go through the toolbar commands, first by adding the floor to a project.

5. Quick Design Project Toolbar

Continue with the Project Toolbar commands; adding walls, a cabinet, the measure & resize tools, and a quick look at materials.

6. Quick Design Cabinets Toolbar

The library folders and basic cabinet editing commands.

7. Quick Design Cabinets Toolbar continued

More cabinet functions like adding a structure (in this example a hanging rail), sloping top, design around a pipe or column, complex shapes and adding hardware.

8. Quick Design Methods Toolbar, Quick Design 3D Toolbar

The Methods Toolbar give you fast access to all the libraries and methods that define how you like to design your projects.

The 3D Toolbar includes multiple ways and some of the best ways to present your designs.

9. Drawing a room with coordinates

In the videos above we have seen some of the tools that are available in Polyboard and Quick Design. In the following series of videos let's see how to use these tools to set up a project.

The first video below shows how to use the surface drawing editor to draw a room to precise dimensions. Once you get the room dimensions accurately set up, it's very easy to add cabinets and other furniture and resize them to fit perfectly.

If you just want to quickly test setting up a room without the exact dimensions, in the wall edit tool leave 'Align to Grid' activated.

10. Adding openings with coordinates

How to use the wall edit tool to create openings for windows and doors.

11. Adding images to your project

You can apply any image file to any surface in Polyboard. This makes it possible to show doors and windows in a more realistic manner. It's even possible to take a photo of an existing door or window and apply it to your project.

Select windows and door images from our Quick Design textures library, or use your own or ones from the internet.

12. Adding cabinets to your project

Drop new cabinets into a room layout, measure and resize to fit the space you're working with exactly.

13. Adding a work top and plinths to your project

How to add work tops and plinths across multiple cabinets in a project.

14. Changing your design using the Quick Design Libraries

How to modify the Quick Design Libraries to change materials, and to add edging and hardware. To access all library elements, you will need to use the Quick Design Libraries Pro edition available with Premium Support.


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    Sample Output Files

    The free/demo version includes all design functionality. The only thing it doesn't do is output the manufacturing documents like the cutting list and plans and CNC files. Click above to download this sample output.

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    Polyboard integration with your CNC

    Polyboard will work with virtually any CNC, click above for more information.

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    Software FAQs

    Answers to some of the most common questions about our software.

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