Turnkey CNC routers for the woodwork industry

Specialist wood CNC machines with integrated software for seamless manufacturing

Complete solutions for cabinet and stair makers

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What makes this set up one of a kind

A one stop solution for your workshop

Fast and error free design to CNC manufacturing to hassle free assembly

Designed for woodworkers

From router specifications to the software, hardware libraries and training, everything is configured for the woodwork industry

The right advice before you invest

Our team has helped 100s of workshops select the optimal set up for their needs

Choose your manufacturing solution

Design fast and accurately | minimise material waste | grain and label management | automatic application of toolpaths

Some of our popular configurations are listed below

Custom cabinet design with a 3 axis nesting CNC

  • Design in PolyBoard, nest in OptiNest, full label management
  • Low maintenance, minimise operator input: cut and machine your parts in one operation
  • Work faster with rotary/linear automatic tool changer

Beam or panel saw + drilling CNC machine

  • Design in PolyBoard, output cutting map in OptiCut
  • Cut the parts on your panel saw or automatically on a CNC beam saw
  • Machine the parts on the drilling CNC: ideal for workshops that require edge drilling

Stair manufacture with a 4/5 axis CNC

  • Create your project in StairDesigner
  • Output to your CAM software to apply the toolpaths and generate the machine code
  • A pod and rail CNC is perfect for specialist stair part manufacture

Add automation with a load and unload CNC

  • Choose a manual loading system or automated load/unload
  • Option to include automatic label printing and placement
  • Plus all the benefit of a nesting CNC for custom cabinetry production

All too often we hear from workshops that are struggling to combine their design software and CNC machines effectively.

In response, we have partnered with a select group of local CNC suppliers to develop a complete configuration...high quality CNC routers fully integrated with our design and optimisation software.

PolyBoard and StairDesigner

Trusted by 1000s of companies around the world…small to medium workshops to industrial manufacturers

polyboard software for cnc routers

Error free parametric design

Hardware machining is automatically applied in PolyBoard, all popular brands available.  Full integration with our optimisation software. 3D presentations and costings for clients.

stairdesigner software for cnc routers

Optimise fast, instant output

StairDesigner automatically calculates step number/height and flight length, stringboard shape and position, winders and lots more. Immediate access to plans, elevations, CNC files etc.

Optimisation and manufacturing software

From design to production in record time and with big savings on material costs

cutting optimisation software for wood cnc machines

Cut faster and with minimal material waste

Use OptiCut's cutting maps with your panel or beam saw before machining your parts. Labels, grain and stock fully managed.

nesting software for wood cnc machines

Nesting maps, labels and grain management

OptiNest's labels include placement guidance and edging data. Nest parts side by side so the grain flows across them. Plus full stock and off-cut control.

cnc wood router software

Auto toolpath application

No more manual toolpath creation in your CAM software. 100% accurate output to your CNC in a few clicks.

David, project lead

Kitchen manufacturer

PolyBoard + OptiNest + nesting CNC router

"Whereas we would have taken 8 days on a kitchen without the CNC, the whole job is now 2 days. CNCs I think are the future."


Comprehensive CNC feature set

Give your workshop the productivity boost it's been waiting for

wood cnc router atc

Market leading

From automatic tool changers to vacuum pump zoning to dust extraction.

size options for cnc


Range of options to fit your budget, workshop size and specialist requirements.

auto loading cnc machine for woodwork


Including material loading, label printing and placement, and drill banks.

cnc and software support

Expert support

Excellent post sale support and training for CNC and software.

wood cnc router

More details on our turnkey CNC machines for wood workers.