Free stair design software with cut list and plans

Design, print and build your stairs with the free version of StairDesigner, all design features are included in this version.

Use in conjunction with our StairFile service to receive your cut list, plans and DXF files. Or order the complete version with manufacturing output unlocked.

curved stair using stairfile service

Use our StairFile service in conjunction with the free version of StairDesigner to get the full workshop plans and DXF output.

What you'll get with your StairFile...

All the manufacturing documents in DXF and PDF formats sent to you.
Personal help and expert advice as you build your stair project.
Full size templates of each part (optional extra).

Here are a just a few of the people who have used our StairFile service...

amateur stairfile stair design

John Brun

"Woodwork enthusiast"

"Thanks for letting me share my fantastic experience building this stair. And hopefully I can help any aspiring stair builder to do the same."

stairfile cut list and plans service

Maarten van der Heijden

StairFile user

"Thanks to your StairFile service I have been able to put together this stair with steel strings and oak steps. Thanks for a great service."

stair service


Amateur stair builder

"I think that without your advice and your website, I would never have thought I was capable of making my own stair. Thanks again for everything."

Fast track your stair project and get building

The perfect fit if...

You only make stairs occasionally and don’t want to buy the full version of StairDesigner.
You want to learn more about the stair design and build process.
You would like to try the StairDesigner workshop documents and DXF output before buying.
You want to ensure your project is as easy to build as possible.

More successful projects that started with a StairFile

cut list for stairs


Cabinet maker completing 1st stair

"Just a little photo to show you my first stair with a central cut string that I have made thanks to your software. You have been really helpful and inspiring. Thanks again for sharing so generously."

Luc Levy

Professional woodworker

"I would like to thank the Wood Designer team for having let me freely use StairDesigner, a really great piece of professional software, and their excellent StairFile service that allowed me to build this stair."

stair cut list

Get your project started with a StairFile today

Our StairFile Service is exclusive to Premium Support subscribers

(monthly subscription - 1 project/month; annual subscription - 2 projects/month)

On completion of the service, receive all manufacturing documentation: the PDF workshop document which includes the cut list and plans of each part, plus all DXF files.

As a Premium Support subscriber you will also have access to technical advice with the design and build of your project.

Click on the Sign Up Now button to subscribe for Premium Support.

Create a new post on the Wood Designer Forum, attach your StairDesigner design file and request your StairFile.

stair cut list service

Optional extra

This is an add on service to the StairFile service, you must have a Premium Support subscription to access it.

Print ready 1:1 templates of each part

Please note

Each StairFile includes the delivery of one set of processed files. If you subsequently require us to amend your project, you would need to wait until the next month of your subscription or upgrade to an annual subscription which includes a maximum of 2 projects/month.

This service is limited to providing StairDesigner's manufacturing documents generated from the last StairDesigner file provided and validated by you. We do not accept any responsibility for any mistakes made or other errors found later. So please check your project files before giving your agreement for us to process the files.

Full size PDFs of each part for printing are an optional paid extra.

By using this service, you agree to our terms and conditions detailed here.