CabinetPlan: professional furniture design service

We turn your project or your client's projects into PolyBoard designs completely ready for manufacture.

This includes instant access to all manufacturing output and great 3D presentations.

cabinet design service
kitchen created using cabinet plan service
furniture design service

What you'll get with a CabinetPlan...

Complete personalised study of each project.
3D images of the project for you and your customer.
Working drawings in DXF and PDF formats, additional native CAM software formats available.

A complete design service for you or your business

Provided in 4 hour blocks to accommodate any design project, however simple or complex.


The CabinetPlan service was very convenient and well set up for what I needed.

Thanks to the way it works, we were able to discuss all the technical aspects of this furniture project.

I would definitely recommend it.

cabinet designed for client

Samuel Giteau

Modular furniture project designed with the CabinetPlan Service

The perfect fit if...

You don't have the time to learn to use PolyBoard
You need a fast and accurate way to get your project from concept to production
Just send us the sizes and specification of your project or the project you've received from your client
We’ll set up the job in our PolyBoard furniture software and send you all the manufacturing documents

Get your project started with CabinetPlan today

Sold as a 4 hour support pack, or multiples thereof

Price includes:

  • A comprehensive study of your project
  • Personal support and advice on your project
  • On completion of the service, receive all manufacturing documentation
  • 3 month's Premium Support on our private forum, then 50% off for life, to access manufacturing advice after the design is complete (optional)

Following payment, please send the details of your project. We may work with you in online sessions, or work on your project on your behalf, or a combination of the two.

design service for cabinet makers

By purchasing the CabinetPlan service you commit to provide all necessary information to allow us to design your project and complete the service within a period of 3 months starting when you place your order. All design work is carried out with our PolyBoard software. We do not offer design support for any aspects of your project that cannot be accomplished using PolyBoard. This services includes a maximum of 4 hours of design support. We do not commit to finishing the project in this time. It may be necessary to order additional support or complete the project yourself.

By using this service, you agree to our terms and conditions detailed here.