Approved Supplier Offer

If you have CNC facilities, discover a new way to get the very best out of them

  • Open Up New Markets

    A complete design and build solution to offer new clients, and retain those you already have.

  • Improve Productivity and Cut Costs

    Your clients benefit from free pro software and support, then send their design to you for manufacture.

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Stand out from the crowd with a fast and reliable service that costs your clients absolutely nothing.

Introducing Polyboard...

With the free version of our Polyboard software, your clients can design and present their projects in 3D, output automatic costs for quotations, and use our unique Quick Design Libraries Pro edition of hardware and assembly details.

They also have access to support on our private technical forum and via screen sharing, plus 100s of video tutorials, models and guides.

This free version does not however output the manufacturing details. Your clients send you the design file ready for input into your fully activated version of Polyboard Pro PP, then it's a simple process to cut and machine the parts ready for assembly.

Take a look at the benefits...

For your business

  • Offer free design software and training to your customers, whether professional woodworkers, designers or architects
  • Quick management and machining of client projects
  • Retain your customers and attract new ones
  • Maximise the return on investment on CNC facilities and work fast and reliably with Polyboard

For your clients

  • Access to a high performance pro design tool, plus ability to output 3D presentations and costings for quotations
  • No investment required at all in the software or training
  • Use of your machining service at a great price
  • The option of upgrading to a paid version of Polyboard to output their own cut list and plans

Sign up today for the special price of only £840 per year

(+ £25 per Premium Support subscriber per month, + VAT if applicable)

Price includes:

  • Page on our website to showcase your services
  • Access to our marketing channels to promote your business
  • Management of your client email list
  • Full technical support for your clients
  • Organisation of group training sessions for your clients

Further details

To become an Approved Supplier, you must have Polyboard Pro PP, CNC facilities and an edge bander.

You have full control of your client list and are able to request the removal of inactive clients at any time. We will send you your client list on a regular basis for validation. We will bill you at the rate of £25 per client per month (50% off the normal Premium Support price), but only when the minimum payment reaches £300.

We have regular requests from customers seeking a manufacturer in different localities where we do not yet have a partner. We can pass these leads on to you but please note, this demand is unlikely to provide a regular work. To develop this area of your business fully, we advise that you promote this system to your own current and prospective customers.

By purchasing this service, you agree to our terms and conditions detailed here.