Professional 3D cabinet design software

Specialist cabinet design software with huge flexibility and power, but fast and easy to use. Perfect for custom projects or large scale off the shelf production.

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polyboard cabinet software

Polyboard is unlike any other cabinet software on the market...

Get from design to reliable manufacturing output in record time, and not just for simple boxes or a basic set of options you are forced to chose from. You have full control of how to build, with a staggering range of possibilities.

Design cabinetry of any shape, with sloping sides, tops that slope in more than one direction, fit along walls with unusual angles, or around pipework, plus lots more.

Polyboard comes with a powerful geometric engine to not only allow you to design complex projects like this quickly, but most importantly to output 100% accurate cut lists, plans and CNC files based on those designs.

It is unique in being able to do this so well.

Remove the frustration from your production process you can spend more time looking after your customers and finding new ones

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Speed and accuracy in design

Much faster than a CAD application. Using an intuitive parametric workflow, dimension your cabinet carcass then drop in all assembly features like doors, drawers, uprights, shelves, plinths, worktops, fillers and all the rest. Resize as required and all the parts of your project resize automatically.

Instant 3D visuals and costings

Instant rendered 3D project images for your clients are a great sales tool. Because design is so quick, it’s easy to get these out to prospective clients as well, this is far less cost effective with a slow CAD design process. Plus immediate costings to get reliable quotes out at the same time.

Automatic manufacturing output

As soon as the order is confirmed, all the manufacturing files are ready to go. Click of a button production of cut lists, plans of each and every part, edging report, and all the files to run a CNC machine.

Comprehensive library management system

Record exactly how you like to manufacture in Polyboard’s libraries and manufacturing methods. All you have to do for each new project is resize your cabinet models and apply your preferences. You can even open up your model library as an off the shelf service to other cabinet makers or end clients.

Users report massive reductions in design to manufacture times

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Find out more...

Please click on the download link below to install the best cabinet design software on the market and test it out yourself. The free version includes all design features so you see how easy it is to use. Follow through the first few videos on the download page to get started.

We also offer free demonstrations of the software. Please contact us to arrange a time.