CalepiLight Cladding Software

A modular cladding solution to optimise the manufacture of complex shaped objects from basic modules of any size and shape

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An example of CalepiLight's design features and how to integrate with OptiNest to produce the final nesting maps.

  • Accommodates any size and shape of individual elements, plus colours, textures, orientation and position

  • Ideal for specialists in ceilings, tiling, flooring, paving and any applications that require a patterned layout

  • Virtually instantaneous cladding maps or integrate directly with your CNC facilities

Key features include...

Module Libraries

For easy reference across your projects. Group by theme.

Simple to access and modify.

Composite elements can also be accommodated.

Specify alignment and orientation

CalepiLight has an intuitive hooking system for easy positioning of the base modules, and to adjust their orientation.

Automatically align to surface edges and corners.

Flexible parameters

When determining the overall layout, determine first the separation between each module, and the relationship between each row of modules.


A summary includes the quantity of each module or element in the overall layout, the off-cut % and the linear distance of the joins.

What makes our software unique...

  • Unbeatable Value

    Up to 5 times cheaper than other high performance pro software.

  • Honest about Prices

    No sales person to go through to find out what you’ll pay. Everything is available on our website.

  • No Nasty Surprises

    You can buy the software outright with no obligatory upgrade fees or hidden support costs.

CalepiLight Pro

Ability to specify individual colours and textures for each module, and integrates seamlessly with OptiNest

Price includes

  • 6 months Premium Support then a lifetime 50% discount - value £300
  • Cut lists and plans for furniture and stair projects designed with the free versions of Polyboard and StairDesigner
    (up to 1 project/month)

To see first hand how CalepiLight will benefit your business, please contact us for an on-line demonstration.

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