Professional Kitchen Design Software

Looking for a fast and accurate way to design and manufacture kitchens? Our professional 3D kitchen planning software outputs cutting lists, plans, prices and CNC files.

Design accurately so you've got more time to spend attracting new business instead of managing errors in production and assembly. Plus 3D modelling for great presentations and architectural plans.

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kitchen design software

We hear from a lot of professional kitchen design teams who find their current production process is too long, whether that's using a CAD package or drawing up by hand during the design phase. Then cutting each part in turn is slow and unreliable.

Polyboard is an intuitive parametric kitchen design software rather than CAD based. So you don't draw each and every part, instead you dimension your carcass, then add shelves, doors, uprights and other assembly details. With the click of a button, you can output the cut list, plans and if required CNC files to run your machine.

If your customer wants a change, it's very easy to resize, and all parts are automatically updated along with all the manufacturing documents.

Plus you've got access to...

  • Instant 3D visuals: as the design process is so quick you can present rendered 3D project to all your prospective clients too, not just wait until a firm order to prepare the design and presentation. This makes it much easier to close the deal.
  • Instant costing based on your material costs and usage and the hardware and fittings in the project. So quoting for your kitchens is accurate and very quick too.
  • Seamless link up with OptiCut cutting optimization software to minimise material waste.

So, unlike other even professional design software for kitchens, you don't just get nice 3D images. This is a programme for manufacturers too. All output required to build your projects is fully integrated, instantaneous and 100% accurate.

professional kitchen design software

Specialist kitchen design software features

  • Ultimate design flexibility so you can fine tune exactly how you like to build your carcasses, end units, islands, doors, shelves and everything else. Apply your styles to new projects with the click of a button.

  • Libraries stocked with a large range of kitchen hardware including Blum, Hettich and Häfele hinges, sliders etc, on demand service to help you add your own.

  • Materials library that you can modify and include any material you want.

  • Apply edging exactly how you like, with the details included in your cut list as well.

  • Bar material management to allow true Shaker style facades and other frame and panel assemblies.

  • Worktops in any material, and across multiple cabinets, or apply top rails instead to drop in appliances.

  • Cookers, sinks, hobs and other units easily rendered in your 3D visuals.

  • Quickly design your units to fit around pipework, columns, girders. Just specify the cut out dimensions and the software does the rest. Also apply fillers, plinths and upper strips.

Do you sell to trade as well as end clients?

Although you can customise everything in Polyboard, why not set up your own costed kitchen model library as an off the shelf service.

Next steps

Polyboard is available in a Pro version with all features enabled, or the Pro PP version which includes the post processor add on for CNC integration. Click below for full product details.

You'll also find information on our comprehensive support and training services, and finally the option to use our cut list and plan processing service instead of buying the software outright. This is perfect for those working on the occasional or a one-off project.

Click below to install and test our professional kitchen design software, or contact us to set up an online demonstration.

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