Nesting patterns and optimization report

The results of an optimization are shown on screen immediately.

optinest optimization results

They are also available for printing via the File menu > Print.

print optimization menu option in optinest

The different elements are described below.

Nesting patterns

This is a visual representation of the nested parts on each panel.

Hover over a part for additional information.

nesting map in optinest

Hover outside a part for details of the off-cut.

nesting pattern showing off-cut

Click on the Parts list icon to return to the parts list, or use the up and down arrows to scroll through each nesting pattern in turn.

parts list icon in optinest

The parts list has its own icon to return to the nesting patterns once they’ve been generated.

nesting pattern icon in optinest

Visibility of the tooling/machining details and off-cut details can be set in the View menu.

menu options to hide and display off-cuts and toolings

The View menu includes additional settings to zoom, centre and move the nesting pattern. The scroll wheel on a mouse will zoom, hold down the scroll wheel to move the pattern.

Go to Tools > Preferences to modify the part and panel colours.

set panel and part colours in optinest

Properties window

This provides details of the overall optimization results and below that the results just for the selected nesting pattern.

optinest properties window

Key metrics include the number of unplaced parts, and the off-cuts rate and s shown in two ways:

  • The off-cuts rate is the off-cut remaining as a % of the panel
  • The net off-cuts rate is the removed material due to the cutting tool thickness and any panel trim cut, as a % of the panel

Optimization report

A more detailed optimization report, which also includes an image of each pattern, is available in printed format. An example is shown below:

OptiNest optimization report showing part list
Report: parts list
OptiNest optimization report showing required panels, nesting patters list and summary of optimization results
Report: panels list, nesting patterns list, material and cost report
OptiNest optimization report showing single nesting pattern
Report: nesting pattern 1/5

To configure this printed report, including which report elements to include, go to File menu > Print setup.

optimization results print settings

To display/hide information on the parts shown on the nesting patterns, go to References > Select and choose the fields to display and their position in the usual way:

window to display and hide parameters on the nesting patterns

Material and cost report

This recapitulatory shown in the printed report above provides similar information to the Properties window i.e. a breakdown of the optimization results.

Adjust the optimization parameters as required, re-optimize and compare the results.

Optimization result

A further on screen display of the optimization is available.

Go to Optimization > Result or click on the Result icon in the toolbar:

optinest results icon

This is the resulting window, providing access to the material and cost report, and to the list of panels used:

optinest results summary

This result data can be output as a csv file.

Go to File menu > Export > Result.

menu option to export results

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