Stairs: Quick Start

The fastest way to get an overview of how StairDesigner will help you design your staircase. Watch the first video, load up the template into StairDesigner that comes with it, and get started playing around with the controls.

Then follow through the second video and have a go at making changes to the design. In fact, you'll see how easy it is to create a completely different staircase.

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Quick Start 1: Setting Up a Straight Stair

Notes and Resources

The first Quick Start video above takes you through some of the basic functions of StairDesigner at the same time as showing you how easy it is to modify the design of a straight flight staircase.

The video starts with you loading up the template linked to below.

We've also included a link to the StairDesigner download page if you haven't got hold of your software yet.

The video mentions things like the Stair Rule and other functionality that is covered in depth in your core training.

Quick Start 2: Setting up a Quarter Turn Stair

Notes and Resources

The second Quick Start video directly above follows on from the first, taking the same stair and editing its design to create a completely different staircase.

The template linked to below is the redesigned quarter turn stair. If you follow the video through, you'll end up with this anyway, but we've added the template for reference just in case you need it.

Now you've had a play with the software, and can see some of what it can do, click on the green button at the top of the page or click here to go to the start of your Core Training.

There we'll cover the key functions of the software in more depth, along with all the other important design and build elements you need to complete a successful stair project.

Follow this through, and we'll explain how to get your cutting lists from the free (or demo) version of StairDesiger once you've completed your design, then on to your build options.