Polyboard 6 Upgrade

We recently launched the new version of Polyboard, version 6. It's packed with new features for even faster and more accurate design and manufacture.

You can upgrade from Polyboard 5 to Polyboard 6 below.

We have included Buy Now buttons for like-for-like upgrades, for example from Polyboard 5 Pro to Polyboard 6 Pro.

Please contact us if you would like to upgrade from a lower to higher specification as well,
for example from Polyboard 5 Pro to Polyboard 6 Pro PP.

Polyboard 6 equal door sizes
Polyboard 6 tooling as hardware
Polyboard 6 upgrade
Polyboard 6 partial project mode 3d display
Polyboard 6 sloping drawers

Download this features list for details of just some of the new functionality Polyboard 6 offers...

Download new features

These are practical features requested by professional users to solve real life problems.
The videos below highlight just 3 of the many new features you'll be getting...

DXF import of furniture plans and room layouts for easy set up of complex shapes

Parts numbering for easier cutting lists management, manufacture and assembly

Much more flexible positioning of your hardware
This video shows just one of many new hardware management features

Upgrade from Polyboard 5 to 6 below...

Please contact us to upgrade from a lower version to a higher,
for example from Pro to Pro PP


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Polyboard Pro PP
5 to 6 Upgrade

Produces all the output files for driving your CNC machines

All design and manufacturing output and post processors files for MPR (Wood WOP, HOMAG machines), CID (Biesse machines), XXL ( Xilog Plus, SCM / Morbidelli machines) and DXF files for any standard CNC or CAD/CAM software

Polyboard Pro
5 to 6 Upgrade

Ideal for professional cabinet makers who don’t use CNC

All design and manufacturing functions except DXF and post processor files

+ VAT if applicable

+ VAT if applicable

Polyboard Lite
5 to 6 Upgrade

Produces all the drawings and cutting lists for building your cabinets

Includes all design and manufacturing of Polyboard Pro but limited to building rectangular cabinets and without hardware management

+ VAT if applicable

How to complete your order

Following payment, click here to register for free, then click here to download and install the free/demo version of Polyboard 6.

Finally, send us the user code using this contact form. We’ll send you back your activation code so that you can start using Polyboard 6 straight away.

If you would like to pay via bank transfer please contact us and we’ll send you our bank details.

For more information on installing your software and other details, please see our Software FAQs page.