Wood Designer is proud that together with our amazing customers we’re helping to build a better planet!

We have partnered with the worldwide charity One Tree Planted, an incredible organisation that has already helped plant over 40 million trees since its inception in 2014, in countries all over the world.

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We want to be part of the solution so…

We have already planted 1500 trees and counting to support this incredible cause.

And for every software order you now place, we’ll be planting another tree!

You will be directly contributing to the restoration of nature, biodiversity and minimising global warming.

Here’s a short video to introduce One Tree Planted:

Check out some the projects we’ve supported below…

Global reach

We sell worldwide so we’ve decided to go big! We’ve planted trees in every single continent including these locations:


Here the focus is the Congo Basin (home to 60% of Africa’s biodiversity!) and trees like mahogany and shea, plus fruit trees like orange, mango, apple, avocado and guava that boost food security.

tree planting in the congo basin

The Andes

This project is currently focusing on Ecuador and Bolivia, and watersheds that drain in to the Amazon basin. It also ties in with the annual tree planting festival called Queuña Raymi.


The best time for planting is before the wet season, with a focus on native trees: Kim Giao, Bach Xanh, Gioi, and Tram den, plus Forkienia timber trees and Son Tra fruit trees.

vietnam tree planting project

Ireland and the UK

Farming has massively reduced the once dense forests in this region. Native trees you are helping to plant include oak, birch, hazel, hawthorn, rowan and lime.


Planting is carried out when the weather is wet, and not too hot. Species include gum trees, smooth-barked apple and grey mangrove, supporting the 90% of native animals not found anywhere else in the world.

Global benefits

As we all know, climate change is of huge concern for ourselves and future generations.

Trees aren’t only a key solution for that, they provide so much more:

  • Clean the air we breath and the water we drink
  • Create rich habitats and promote biodiversity
  • Support our mental health and wellbeing
  • Promote job creation

Being part of the woodworking community ourselves, it felt fitting to give back to the trees that give us our incredible houses, furniture, cabinetry and stairs!

What else we can do to help

It doesn’t stop there, we are also increasing our efforts to:

  1. Promote environmentally sourced wood and other materials
  2. Spotlight best practice in the use of sustainable materials in our industry
  3. Highlight some of our optimisation software solutions that minimise material waste, these are OptiCut for cutting optimisation, and OptiNest for nesting optimisation using CNCs

All important steps to help support our beautiful planet.

If you’d like to know more, or would like to share your own sustainability ideas, please comment below or contact us here.

We will keep you posted via our social media channels (links at the bottom of our website) and newsletter on what we are able to achieve together with your help.

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