StairDesigner 7 Pro DXF Upgrade Offer

We will be launching the new version of StairDesigner, version 7, in the near future. It is being rewritten from the ground up, complete with many new features for even faster and more accurate design and manufacture.

Although we are still adding functionality, it is now available as a BETA release. If you already own StairDesigner 6 Pro DXF, you can buy StairDesigner 7 Pro DXF for a reduced price below. All future upgrades to version 7 will then be free of charge.

This special price is only available until the official launch of version 7 in the near future.

Please note that version 7 is a completely new program. The file format is not compatible with version 6. You can work either in version 6 or 7. Version 6 projects cannot be opened with version 7.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like an online demonstration.

Watch this video to see StairDesigner 7 in action...

New features include...

  • Ability to create any shaped stairs; quick set up of all common shapes, multi-flights and helicoidal stairs

  • Variable width and variable shaped steps, handrails and strings

  • Fit into unusual stairwells and create cut outs around columns, pipes etc

  • Enhanced 3D rendering for client presentations

  • Every individual part is now separate and can be edited in isolation

  • Library management of materials, planned hardware management

Buy StairDesigner 7 for the special pre-launch price below...

Please note: you must already have an activated version 6 to benefit from this upgrade offer


+ VAT if applicable. By purchasing this software, you agree to our terms and conditions detailed here.

How to complete your order

Following payment, click here to register for free. Then click here to install the free/demo version of StairDesigner 7.

Finally, send us the user code using this contact form. We’ll send you back your activation code so that you can start using StairDesigner 7 straight away.

If you would like to pay via bank transfer please contact us and we’ll send you our bank details.

For more information on installing your software and other details, please see our Software FAQs page.