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My first stair
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October 4, 2012
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May 22, 2018 - 2:43 pm
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Hi Vidf,

A really nice looking stair.

Thanks for posting these photos, much appreciated!

Best regards,


May 21, 2018 - 6:32 pm
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Sorry, I have forgot to upload pictures from this project
Here it is, it looks better in real then in the pictures. And everyone that walks the stair is surprised over how nice it is to walk in 🙂
So it was a big success
20150529_210032.jpgImage Enlarger

20150529_210054.jpgImage Enlarger
20150529_205805.jpgImage Enlarger
20150529_205823.jpgImage Enlarger
20150529_205901.jpgImage Enlarger
 20150529_205954.jpgImage Enlarger
20150529_205958.jpgImage Enlarger
20150529_210005-1.jpgImage Enlarger
20150529_205919.jpgImage Enlarger
20150529_205936.jpgImage Enlarger

Forum Posts: 1939
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October 4, 2012
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April 23, 2015 - 5:23 am
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Hello Vidar,

Sorry about the Zip file, my mistake, I must be over worked and forgot to copy the files into it!

So here it is again. I’ve made the post 90×90 too.

16mm is a good size for the router bit and 8mm radius on the step nosing will work well. So no need to go over with another bit.

Bad luck can come in 9-month lumps, hope your 9 months is over.

All the best,


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April 23, 2015 - 2:11 am
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You are right, the zip file is empty…  Ness must have made a mistake in creating it.


April 23, 2015 - 1:51 am
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Thank you Ness.

Just my bad luck to hit on exactly when you were unavailable :/
Beginning to wonder if someone have cast a spell on me sometimes in the last 9 months :P
Hope it will end soon.

It might look better with straight string ?
It looks good on the picture you attached.
I haven’t really tough about that. Just took it as stairdesigner suggested :)
We go for Straight.

But what do you think about making the step housings with a Ø16mm router (so I will have to make and R8 on all the edges of the steps too fit in the housing)
Is it too much?
Should I take a last pass with Ø10 or Ø8 inside the housing?

I meant too make the nevel post 90*90mm, but maybe i do something strange just there.
But I guess it’s not critical if it’s look ok.

But a bigger problem has occurred…
I’m not able to find a file inside the zip-file ?!?

Beginning to wonder if it’s something strange with my computer ?!?
I Shall try from another before submitting this post….

No, same problem from two win7 and one XP pc
Maybe if Stefan has access to the file he might send it to me on email ?


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October 4, 2012
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April 22, 2015 - 4:21 pm
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Hello Vidar,

Here is are the files for you stair.

Sorry that I haven’t had a lot of time to follow closely your project.

In general I’m around at my office but your project fell just when was tied up in 2 week training program without an internet access!

I have tweaked a bit your project and set both step and riser housings to 15mm. You had 20 for steps and 15 for risers, usually not necessary.

The same goes for the housings in the newel.

I have also set the left string to straight to get rid of the extra width around winders.

3d01.pngImage Enlarger

Note also that your newel post is not square. Is this on purpose or would you like to square?

Have a look at the files and tell me what you need, I can reprocess if necessary.

All the best,


sp_PlupAttachments Attachments
April 22, 2015 - 12:24 pm
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Thank you Christopher :)

Before I wrote my first post here i was hoping for maybe 30% correct grammar, hopefully enough so people could understand what I meant.
When I had written it , I thought that it was maybe 50-60% good, so when you say 90-95% I really feel that all the effort with Google translate, spell checking and brain-twisting has payed of :)

But I’m worried about the entrepreneur can call me any minute now and I have to tell him that I haven’t really done a thing on the stair for over a week…
Would it have been wrong if someone had sent me a generated DXF file of one stringboard and for instance one winder (not a complete stair) so I could have tried to put it in my CAM program and so on?
Just so I could be prepared for what’s expecting me when I got my real file :)  
It’s not possible to misuse half a stair in any way ?

Maybe Stefan can answer that ?


 I will also this time try to upload the .sds file along with this post, just for curiosity :)

April 20, 2015 - 8:58 pm
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Your translations into English is 90-95% perfect!  And your ideas are definitely making it through the conversation…  Great job!

Some minor edits:

“So it’s take a lot of me…” should have been “So it takes a lot for me…”

“it’s god to hear” should have been “it’s good to hear”

“… when you pop in on Saturday” should have been “… when you popped in on Saturday”

“I haven’t dear to tell…”  should have been “I don’t dare tell…”

“I guess his thinking…” should have been “I guess he’s thinking…”  or “I guess he is thinking…”

Again…  These are minor edits, but I am impressed on how well you did (even with Google Translate, etc.).



April 20, 2015 - 4:46 pm
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Thank you for fixing the file Stefan.

Don’t know what vent wrong but it doesn’t really matter because now it’s were it should be :)

Thanks for the compliment about my English. It's god too hear because when I finish school for over 20 years ago I only knew a very few English word (less than 10 i guess). But after that came internet and I have read a lot of English and learn it that way.

But writing myself have I hardly done at all.
So it’s take a lot of me to write here. I really have to think hard and use google translate and spellchecker a lot.
And a lot of hour’s :/
So if it’s end up understandable it’s god to hear :)
A bonus for me is that I will learn a lot for every single word and sentence i write :)

To bad the file wasn’t uploaded when you pop in on Saturday. I understand that you are busy with other project as well these days ?

Hope you have the ability to see it before the weekend because I’m in real hurry with this project and some others as well :S

I haven’t dear to tell the carpenter (house-builder) that I’m waiting for the file.
I talked with him before the weekend and when I told him that the material was on the road too me and that I only have to send the file to England for generating DXF he was a little bit calmer.
Since I haven’t heard from him after that I guess his thinking that I’m actually have started building the stair :S
Maybe he’s also to busy to finish the rest of the cabin right now to worry about me.
But any day or minute now he will call me and ask how many hours there is to the stair is finish and on the road to him :S

For the balusters he just want it as simple as this:
Simpel-innfesting-av-rekkverk-1763.jpgImage Enlarger

Only differences is that we have a nevel post at the bottom, but that shouldn’t be a problem

Do you think that it will be strange/wrong with R8 on all the edges on the steps ?
My favorite cutter is a Ø16mm and if I should put the hole step in the stringboard I will have to make all edges R8.
If you think it will be to much I can instead take a last pass with a Ø10 or Ø8 cutter so I end up with R5 or R4 on the steps.

since I now write a post anyway I will try to upload the .sds file again.

Have a feeling that it wont came along. I had it in the window along with the baluster picture over here when I upload that, but it’s only the picture I see now. Maybe it will be there when i take the “submit reply” ?
It’s not a big deal if it don’t work because the .sds file is in post 7 where Stefan put it.
Just curious :)

Here is a print screen of the upload window after I have pushed the start upload button.
It’s actually stands status 100% both on the .jpg and .sds file but I can not see the .sds anywere ?!

Print-screen-submit-krympet-2.jpgImage Enlarger



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November 8, 2013
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April 19, 2015 - 9:04 am
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I’ll have a go here. Edit: seems to be working, not sure what went wrong at your end, vidf. Did you hit ‘start upload’ after ‘add files’?

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