Perfect grain management

OptiNest is able to orientate parts on the nesting pattern based on grain direction.

cabinet in polyboard showing grain running across facades

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If you use OptiNest with PolyBoard, an additional feature is available called perfect grain.

This feature allows you to place door or drawer facades together on the nesting pattern so the material’s grain will seamlessly flow across the parts when assembled.

Initial set up in PolyBoard

Select all parts for grouping, in this case the two doors and two drawer facades. Right click with the mouse and select Keep the grain continuity.

This information will be transferred to OptiNest as part of PolyBoard’s post processor output.

set grain continuity in polyboard

Results in OptiNest

OptiNest then performs the optimization, and the parts are placed in the correct grouping on the nesting pattern to ensure the grain is displayed correctly.

all parts nested next to each other in optinest so the grain flows across them

In the parts list, select Perfect grain to display all applicable parts.

perfect grain window showing applicable parts

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