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StairDesigner Download - software to design your staircase
plus Quick Design Videos

Download the free version of StairDesigner, along with our new and improved StairDesigner libraries, and watch a short video series to get you up and running fast.

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  • The ultimate stair design and manufacturing software

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StairDesigner 6

Download available after free registration
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StairDesigner 7 BETA

Download available after free registration
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Windows: XP, Vista, 7 or above - 2GB RAM minimum, 4GB recommended

Mac: we have many Mac clients successfully using our software with a Windows Emulator. Please see our FAQs page for details.

Please note: near the end of the install process, you will be asked to activate your software to unlock the full set of features. You can skip this step unless you have purchased the full version.

The free/demo version includes all design functionality. The only thing it doesn't do is output the manufacturing documents like the cutting list and plans. Click here to find out how to get them.

StairDesigner 7: if you buy StairDesigner 6, you are now entitled to a free install of StairDesigner 7 BETA. This means, once we formally release version 7, you will not have to pay to upgrade. Click above to download the free/demo version.

StairDesigner Quick Design Libraries Pro (value £500): a powerful catalogue of materials and manufacturing methods to help you build faster and better. If you buy StairDesigner or sign up for Premium Support, we will give you these libraries free of charge.

Quick Design Videos

1. StairDesigner Interface and Key Commands

2. Stairwell Parameters: Basic Set Up

3. Stairwell Parameters: Adjusting for the Stair Rule

4. Step Parameters

5. String Parameters

6. Handrails

7. Banisters (Spindles)

8. Materials and Costings

9. Example Stair

10. Example Stair Modified

Next Steps...

All StairDesigner videosPowerful features, stair projects and design tips

Once you've watched the Quick Design videos, test out StairDesigner's full set of design and manufacturing features, plus specialist techniques, tips and short cuts.

StairDesignerPricing and sales information

If you are using the software for your business, you can buy the full version to have integrated output of the manufacturing documents. Premium Support is included with your order.

Sign upfor Premium Support and to receive your plans

Includes StairDesigner's powerful Quick Design Libraries Pro edition, expert support, all training videos AND access to our StairFile service... receive your cut list and plans without buying the software. Perfect if you only build stairs occasionally.

Get from design to buildChoose the best option for you

Once you've finished your design, decide how to manufacture your project, whether that's buying the software or using one of our services instead. Click above for your options.

Contact usPre-sales and demos

For more advice, please get in touch via our forum, or contact us above for pre-sale queries. We can also arrange on-line demonstrations and training.


  • User Manual
    User Manual

    Click the link above to go to the download page.

  • Getting Started with StairDesigner
    Getting Started with StairDesigner

    A quick start guide to StairDesigner as you follow through the construction of a stair.

  • Using Stair Templates
    Using Stair Templates

    Our stair templates are a great way to get your design up and running. This guide shows you how to take one of our templates and modify it to a new stairwell.

  • Using our StairFile Service
    Using our StairFile Service

    A quick, easy and affordable way to get the manufacturing documents once you've completed your design.

  • Software FAQs
    Software FAQs

    Answers to some of the most common questions about our software.