Integrating Felder / Vitap / Brema CNC machines with Polyboard

Output your completed Polyboard project in TpaCAD's native .tcn files, complete with hardware and assembly details ready for machining. An incredibly quick and accurate way to generate the machine code for your CNC.

It really is that easy.

We bought our first Polyboard in 1998 and quickly found that it was perfectly suited to the work we do and we just haven’t looked back since...We can now send the Polyboard post processor files directly to the Vitap machine to automatically drill and cut our Polyboard panels.

Pierre-Olivier Grosjean, Grosjean Concept Bois
(Polyboard Pro PP + Vitap K2 CNC)

Streamlined production

Polyboard Pro PP has a purpose built post processor for Felder, Vitap and Biesse Brema CNC machines.

So Polyboard itself will output native TpaCAD .tcn files. Simply load these into TpaCAD to create the code you need to run your CNC. This results in an extremely efficient and error free integration.

Once you have a finished design project from Polyboard, in a matter of seconds you can generate all the files required to machine your parts.

Whether you have a horizontal or vertical CNC, our post processor will drop neatly into your production workflow. It is highly configurable as well so you can adjust the settings to mirror exactly how you like to work.

For example, directly within Polyboard you can manage drill banks, and adjust the tool rotation speed, feed speed and the tool number.

TpaCAD post processor inside Polyboard - huge flexibility to accommodate your specific workflow requirements

All machining details automatically applied in Polyboard and included in the code to run your machine

Take your manufacturing to another level...

If you cut your parts before you machine them, you'll be using a pod and rail or part by part CNC machine. This workflow really benefits if you add cutting optimisation into the mix. In a matter of seconds, our cutting optimisation software OptiCut takes the cut list from Polyboard and generates a cut map to minimise waste and speed up the cutting process on your saw.

OptiCut works with manually operated saws but also has its own set up post processors to run a CNC saw if this is your preferred way of working.

The alternative is to use a nesting CNC machine. The parts are cut and machined at the same time, there's no need for a saw. However, you will need to nest the parts, again as efficiently as possible to minimise cut time and material waste.

Some CAM software comes with a nesting module. If it doesn't or it is a bit too basic for your needs, it is very easy to add OptiNest into your workflow as it combines perfectly with Polyboard.

Its core nesting algorithm offers excellent results in terms of both time and waste management. It also crucially includes a labelling feature and stock/off cut management that you may not otherwise have access to.

OptiCut's sequenced cutting optmisation

OptiNest's nesting map with off cut reintegration

Sample output to test with your CNC

The free version of Polyboard doesn't allow output of the manufacturing details so we've provided a test project below. Included are the cut list and plans, labels and post processor output files. Load up the .tcn files into TpaCAD for testing. This is configured for Felder, please contact us if you need files for Vitap or Brema.

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    Manufacturing sample files

    You'll be able to load the .tcn files into TpaCAD. However, you won't be able to run your CNC until Polyboard's post processor is set up to recognise your tool path numbers or codes.

Need advice or help with your set up?

Polyboard works very well with Felder, Vitap and Brema CNCs. The real strength of the configuration comes from Polyboard's Quick Design libraries of manufacturing details.

Focus on design, then instantly apply your preferred hardware and other assembly details. These are applied immediately to your project and output in the machine code for your CNC.

Our libraries include a large range of popular hardware and fittings, plus many more manufacturing pre-sets. They are growing all the time and should contain everything you need.

However you can easily customise the libraries to mirror your exact production process. Alternatively we can do that for you, please check out our Polyboard Library Set Up service for more details.

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