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Cutting patterns, cutting lines and optimization report

When OptiCut completes an optimization, the results are immediately available to view on screen.

optimization results on screen in opticut

They are also available for printing.

We detail the different components of an optimization below.

Cutting patterns

A cutting pattern is a visual display of the position of parts on a panel or bar material, optimized and ready for cutting.

cutting pattern in opticut

In this example, the edging position is shown in blue.

The information displayed for each part and off-cut can be modified from the View menu:

view menu on screen display options

Additional part information including material and position is displayed if you hover over the part with the mouse:

hover over part on screen for additional information

There are extra display settings in Tools > Preferences > Panels:

opticut on screen extra display settings
  • Display 90° rotated cutting patterns: if a cutting pattern is in landscape format it will be flipped horizontally to fit the screen
  • Cutting lines origin: location on the cutting pattern where the saw starts cutting
  • Parts dimensions display (centred vs lateral): centred shown in the image above

Here is the cutting pattern for a bar optimization:

bar cutting optimization

Bar cutting patterns include an extra Visualisation mode, accessible by clicking on the icon shown below:

bar cutting pattern in 3D

This can be a useful additional guide if the bar material includes angle cuts and bar rotations to maximise material savings.

Here are two images of a steel beam optimization showing parts with complex angles across both axes.

angled bar cutting pattern in 3D
Face 1
angled bar cutting pattern in 3D face 2
Face 2

Cutting lines and cutting sequence

This is the cutting line window with a cutting pattern alongside:

cutting line sequence in opticut

The cutting lines window shows:

  • The complete sequence of cuts in cut order
  • Vertical versus horizontal cuts
  • The location of the cut
  • Parts and off-cuts

If you click on a specific cut, this is highlighted on the cutting map in red.

Properties window

The Properties window provides an on screen summary of the optimization and additional details of the selected cutting pattern or a specific part.

opticut properties window showing optimization results

Optimization report

The cutting patterns and a range of other lists and reports are available in printed format.

opticut printed optimization report
First page of report – panel optimization
opticut printed optimization report showing panel cutting pattern
Single cutting pattern – panel optimization
opticut printed optimization report showing cutting pattern for bars
Single cutting pattern – bar optimization

Go to File menu > Print setup to configure this printable optimization report.

opticut printed report set up window

As well as some standard printer and paper settings, most OptiCut related parameters are self-explanatory and include:

  • Selection of reports to include
  • Additional part references to show on the cutting patterns
  • Un/recoverable off-cut colour selection

To view the cutting sequence, select the half-page option shown below:

cutting sequence added to printed report
cutting lines opticut report

If an optimization fails to place one or more parts, a Failed pieces section of the report will detail the reason for the failure e.g. no panels in stock, panels too small.

Summary material and costs report

Also called the Recapitulatory, this includes a similar data set to that shown in the Properties window.

It provides a detailed breakdown of the optimization results, allowing you to adjust the optimization parameters if required and re-optimize.

opticut cutting optimization report


Selected optimization results, as shown in the printed report are also available for display within OptiCut by selecting this toolbar icon:

optimization results icon

Here is the optimization results window:

opticut optimization results window

Data export

If you wish to further manipulate OptiCut data, in a spreadsheet or data management package, the following exports are available as text or csv files:

  • Labels: via File menu
  • Results: via File menu
  • Cutting list: via Cutting list window
  • Stock: via Stock window
  • Optimization report (recapitulatory): via File menu

The format of these reports is editable from the Import/export options window.

opticut data export settings

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