Net versus overall dimensions

Part dimensions can be shown as net or overall and are configured in Tools > Preferences > Panels.

net and overall dimensions setting in opticut

They are defined as follows:

  • Net dimensions = panel dimensions without edging and including oversizing
  • Overall dimensions = includes panel dimensions and edging thickness

Net dimensions are displayed in round brackets and overall in square brackets.

Cutting list

Here net dimensions are shown in the cutting list:

cutting list showing net dimensions

When only one bracket is shown, this indicates the edging position.


Net or overall dimensions (or even both) can also be displayed on the labels:

net and overall dimensions settings in label set up window

This label is displaying net dimensions, and indicates the edging position:

net dimensions shown on opticut label


When working in net dimensions, edging thickness will be deducted from the panel dimensions.
You can modify exactly how the deduction is calculated in Tools > Preferences > Panels > Thickness compensation settings:

edge banding preferences

The options available are:

  • No compensation: deducts the actual edge thickness
  • Maximum: adds a maximum compensation value without exceeding the actual edge thickness
  • Fixed: adds a fixed value for each edge which can also exceed the edge thickness

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