Link parameters: step/newel

How to adjust the penetration of the steps and risers in the newel posts. This can be adjusted for all steps/newels, or individually.

You can set a penetration of the step into the newel post. There’s also the option to add a recess instead of a penetration, the former is more commonly used however.

Once you’ve set a penetration, the front, rear, upper and lower recess values come into play.

The front recess value is used when you don’t want to engage the front of your step completely into the notch. You would use this feature if the front of the step was inside the newel, otherwise it isn’t relevant of course.

The rear recess value works in the same way for the back of the step.

The upper and lower recess paramters can be used to create a tenon style connection.

Finally, it’s also possible to add a penetration value for the riser into the newel.

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