How to combine StairDesigner with your CNC Machine

If you manufacture with a CNC machine, or are planning to, compatibility of our design software with your router is often going to be the first question in your mind.

Here we are going to focus on StairDesigner and how it will integrate with your CNC.

StairDesigner will integrate with practically any CNC machine

You'll be able to design fast and reliably in StairDesigner, then automate output of all parts. Generate the machine code to run your CNC in minutes for error free stair projects.

There are 2 ways the integration can work, each requires a different version of StairDesigner...


StairDesigner Pro DXF

DXF output of all part shapes and assembly details.
If your CAM software accepts DXF files, the integration will work.

StairDesigner Pro DXF outputs DXF files which are loaded into the CAM software that comes with your machine. If you are in the process of buying a router, you will need to check if it comes with CAM software. If not, we can recommend some good options.

StairDesigner DXF files are layered, with each layer referencing a specific tool path.

The CAM software will interpret this information and generate the machine code to actually run the CNC.

StairDesigner's DXF post processor comes with a huge range of customisations that allows you to fine tune the output to your exact production methods.

StairDesigner Pro DXF showing its highly configurable DXF export options

The complete process from design in StairDesigner through to manufacturing on your CNC is very fast and reliable. Finished design to cutting of even large projects can be achieved in under five minutes and is largely automatic.

You'll experience major time and money savings compared with design by hand or CAD then manual part by part input of the job into your CNC's CAM software.


StairDesigner Pro PP

This version includes a range of brand specific post processors to make the integration even quicker, plus enhanced DXF output for full integration with your CNC.

  • Biesse - CIX files for bSolid, CID files for BiesseWorks
  • Homag / Weeke - MPR files for woodWOP
  • Felder / Vitap / Brema - TCN files for TpaCAD
  • Enhanced DXF post processor

Select the post processor to match your CAM software/CNC configuration. StairDesigner outputs in your own native file format for the best automation possible.

The fastest way to generate the machine code to run your CNC.

As well as a DXF post processor, StairDesigner Pro PP comes with specific post processors for Biesse (CIX and CID files/bSolid and BiesseWorks), Homag (MPR/woodWOP), Felder, Vitap and Brema (TCN/TpaCAD) machines.

Just like the DXF output, you can configure the settings of each post processor to match your production methods exactly.

All post processors are fully configurable

Below are just some of the CAM software and CNC brands being used alongside StairDesigner right now

Homag / Weeke


Vetric VCarve Pro/Aspire





LazyCam / Mach3 & 4





SCM / Morbidelli




Busellato / Casadei

Radecal Machines


Direct import from China


We also have extra details here on Alphacam and Vetric's VCarve Pro and Aspire

Do I need anything else for nesting machines?

Many CAM software solutions include a nesting module. VCarve has good basic nesting capability for example, Alphacam offers the ability to nest too.

If your CAM software does not nest or you want a fully featured solution that will integrate very well with the rest of your production workflow, consider our OptiNest solution.

Nested strings in OptiNest

Nested steps in OptiNest

We have more information here on the differences between point to point and nesting machines.

Test StairDesigner output with your CNC first

You can download below test files of a stair project and load them into your CAM software.

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    Sample manufacturing files

    The StairDesigner project file, cut list and plans are also included. But what you need to test with your CNC are the relevant part by part CNC files.

    Please note, for the integration to work in full, StairDesigner's post processor parameters will need to be set to correspond to your machine's tooling specifications. However, you will be able to confirm the files load successfully into your CAM software.

Please consider a complementary screen sharing session with us if you would like to confirm the compatibility of your CAM software and machine with StairDesigner.

Contact UsTo request a compatibility test