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Quick Design libraries and methods

Polyboard's Quick Design libraries stock the materials for the panels you use, your edging and bar materials, all your hardware and lots more. These libraries are built into Polyboard's Manufacturing Methods, which are style sheets describing exactly how you want to build your projects so you can set them up for manufacture with the click of a button. This page offers an overview of the concept. Please go to the Hardware, Materials, Edging, Door, Drawer etc pages for details of the set up for each.

Libraries overview

Polyboard is very different to a CAD drawing programme. Instead of drawing each part in turn, you assemble elements of...

Methods overview

An overview of Polyboard’s Methods. They allow you to define a huge range of design specifications, including: hardware type and...

Modify style command

A quick way to change a range of design elements across your entire cabinet or project. Specifically you can select...