Recommended workflow and next steps

Flexibility as your business grows

Benefits from OptiNest’s core features to work faster and reduce material waste are immediate.

Here are some other options to consider over time.

Stock and off-cut management

  • Incorporating stock and off-cut management features, especially if you are working with high-cost materials; it’s easy to reintegrate usable off-cuts into your panel stock.

Enhanced label management

  • Use a dedicated single-label printer
  • Consider a touch screen workstation for fast label printing, set up next to your CNC
  • Move to completely automated labels via OptiNest’s label export function

Ensure your entire production workflow is as efficient as possible

  • Design in PolyBoard, send all part details seamlessly to OptiNest
Home office designed in PolyBoard
  • Set up your OptiNest post processor in PolyBoard, so your CAM software will automatically apply toolpaths (this is a must-do), we can help if required
VCarve CAM software with toolpaths automatically applied

Next steps and further resources

Help Centre

Go to our Help Centre for more resources.

Here are links to the OptiNest specific categories in the Help Centre:


Consider a 1-2-1 online Support Pack if you need help getting started.

Details of training packs can be found here

Support forum and screen share sessions

Premium Support gives you access to technical advice on the forum and via screen share sessions if required.

Free online software demos

Schedule a session with a member of our technical team to see the software in action, and cover any queries you have.

More information

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Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy using OptiNest!

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