3 ways of working in Polyboard

An overview of the 3 modes within Polyboard:

  1. Cabinet Mode for design of individual models.
  2. Project Mode to create room layouts and place/edit your units within these.
  3. Catalogue Mode for bulk manufacture of pre-existing units.

This flexibility help to make Polyboard a great software for furniture design.

First of all we have Cabinet Mode

This is where you design individual pieces of furniture.

We can start a new unit in cabinet mode by clicking on the New Cabinet icon. For now, let’s open Tea-chest.pb-cab that we’ve already made.

In the edit window of Cabinet Mode we can make changes to our design.

We can also click on the 3D icon to view our design in 3D.

By clicking on the New Vertical Tab Group we can show both these views or windows side by side.

You can design very quickly in Polyboard but to make it even faster we recommend you build up a library of models over time. It’s easy then to open these up for future jobs and modify them as required.

Next we’ve got Project Mode

We can click on File > New Project to start a new project but for now let’s open up a project from our model library.

In Project Mode you place multiple cabinets in a project environment, which is normally going to be a room layout.

You create the environment, then add furniture to it.

We can make changes in the Project Mode edit window, or again view our project in 3D.

So some of the benefits of Project Mode are:

  • Great for creating client presentations.
  • Allows us to check that several cabinets will fit.
  • Makes it easy to adjust the cabinets to fit.
  • Is a good way to split up complex constructions by assembling several simpler cabinets.

To make a change to an individual unit, you double click on it inside the edit window. This will open the unit inside Cabinet Mode where you make your changes, close and save, and those changes will be reflected in Project mode too.

Finally we’ve got Catalogue Mode

Let’s open up a new catalogue in the file menu and add in a project so we can see how it works.

You can add multiple pre existing projects or a long list of individual units for grouped manufacture.

The total price for everything in your list is calculated and shown.

And all the manufacturing documents and files are immediately available for everything in the catalogue.

That includes a combined cut list, plans and CNC files. And output for OptiCut and OptiNest.

We can still edit all the models in a number of ways including changing the manufacturing methods, for now let’s just change the quantity and add in some extra wall shelf units.

All the manufacturing output is updated immediately after any change.

So this is great for fast and accurate bulk manufacture.

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