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Creating PolyBoard’s workshop document: cut list, plans and cost report

In this video we’ll show you how to print out and modify the cut list, plans and costings for your projects. All this information is included in the workshop document, with the option of adding extra dimensioned view angles of your cabinets.

Please note: sample output including the workshop document is available on the PolyBoard download page.

As well as the cut list, the part by part plans themselves include the locations of all machining, all sizes, edging positions and cut angles.

You can create this document from within Cabinet Mode but there are a few extra options in Project Mode so we’re going to print it from there.

In the File menu > Print we can print the document on a printer or to a PDF.

Project Mode print setup

To begin, open the sloped wardrobe model in Project Mode.

Click on the cabinet dimensions icon to display external dimensions, both here and in the workshop document.

Go to the File menu > Print Setup.

The first option is the Company Name. We can use our own which will appear in the document, or we can put the customer’s in.

Next decide what to include in the document.

Options are:

  • A drawing of the project (the views are defined in Cabinet Mode)
  • A cabinet list of all the cabinets in the project
  • A cutting list (which we can click to Sort by Material, and when unclicked it will sort by cabinet)
  • A summary (which is the material and cost report)
  • Drawing and tooling of the cabinets (which shows the plan of each part and the position of the machining)

In the Project Mode print setup menu there is also a Partial Views option. It allows you to choose and add which project views are shown in the document.

Options are:

  • Active view
  • Top view
  • Front view

To add another view click on the plus symbol +.

Click to rename (such as “left side”). Hit enter to register it.

Then we can click on the left view button newly created and click ok.

In the Print Setup menu we also find the Options button to modify the material and cost report (which we explore in another video).

We can also click on the button Printer to change the setup of the printer, and on Font to change the font of the document.

We can also access File menu > Print Preview to see what the workshop document will look like.

The cost report includes:

  • A drawing of the whole project
  • Views you have created (top, front, left, etc)
  • Cabinet list (showing the 1 sloped cabinet we have created)
  • Cutting list (which is ordered by material, so you can see each material and the cut list of all the parts)
  • Material and cost report (showing all the materials used, the Panel, Bar and Edge, as well as all of the details of the fittings and hardware used and total costs for everything)
  • The sloped wardrobe we have created (if there were more units in the project we would see those as well, including internal dimensions and 2 views)
  • Pages showing each part in turn (the machining is shown with the coordinates for the exact positioning of the machining, exact dimensions for each part are shown, edging is shown (along with the material); for sloped furniture the slope will be shown along with the cut angle, with the exact number of degrees of the cut)

Cabinet Mode print setup

Double-click on the project you are designing to get into Cabinet Mode. Then access File > Print Setup from there.

We can print out the document from Cabinet Mode as mentioned above, but there are less options than in Project Mode.

Print setup in Cabinet Mode gives you the following options:

  • Cabinet Multi-view option: if you click on it you can see the 2 internal views we set up with the internal dimensions, we can specify 4 views for example and specify a view for each, we can also look at View Angle > Front View
  • Tooling Setup: this defines the method of displaying the coordinates for the machining, we suggest you keep the settings as they are

Close Cabinet Mode and return to Project Mode.

3D view

To print in 3D view you can click into the 3D window and click on File > Print, and then look at the Print Preview to see the 3D image that will be printed.

We also recommend that you use a screen capture software, there are many free options available, to get any screen image you want. You can zoom in on a specific feature for example, and you can send that to your customer or the assembly team.

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