Hardware list export

It’s possible to output a list of all the hardware used in your PolyBoard design as a delimited .txt file. The separator used is a semi colon (;).

Here’s a simple cabinet that includes drawer sliders, hinges, Cabineo panel fittings, handles and shelf pegs.

cabinet with a selection of hardware

To perform the export, go to Cutting list menu > Hardware export.

hardware export menu option in Polyboard

Here’s a screenshot of the text file:

fitting list text file

Each line shows:

Fitting name ; quantity ; number of toolings for each fitting; total price

To view the hardware list in PolyBoard, go to Cutting list menu > Hardware list:

fitting list in PolyBoard

This output is available in:

  • Cabinet mode (individual cabinets)
  • Project mode (multi cabinet projects)

And for all hardware types:

  • Link based hardware e.g. drawer sliders, hinges, panel assembly fittings
  • Single panel fittings e.g. handles

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