Quick Design libraries

PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries stock the materials for the panels you use, your edging and bar materials, all your hardware and lots more.

These libraries are built into PolyBoard’s Manufacturing methods, which are style sheets describing exactly how you want to build your projects so you can set them up for manufacture with the click of a button.

There is a huge range of pre-configured library elements ready to use, but everything is completely customisable so you can create exactly what you need, often by simply copying what already exists and editing it to your specifications.

There are three ways to complete projects in PolyBoard, this video explains the process in more detail.

The first option is to define the specifications of each part in turn, so for example select a shelf and apply the hardware, adjust how far back it is set, add edging and define the material.

The real power of the software comes when you utilise Manufacturing methods. There is a Sub-method for each assembly preference including: hardware type and position; carcass construction; panel joints; how drawers and shelves are assembled; and which materials and edging are applied.

So the second option is to select individual Sub-methods and apply them across entire projects.

The third and most efficient way of working is to group sub-methods into an overall Manufacturing method and apply all your preferences together. It’s still easy to swap out individual Sub-methods for a special project if you need to.

Additional resources

We also offer a Custom hardware and libraries set up pack to help you configure your own custom version.

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