Quick Design libraries

PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries stock the materials for the panels you use, your edging and bar materials, all your hardware and lots more.

These libraries are built into PolyBoard’s Manufacturing Methods, which are style sheets describing exactly how you want to build your projects so you can set them up for manufacture with the click of a button.

There is a huge range of preconfigured library elements ready to use, but everything is completely customisable so you can create exactly what you need, often by simply copying what already exists and editing it to your specifications.

Libraries overview

PolyBoard is very different to a CAD drawing programme. Instead of drawing each part in turn, you assemble elements of a project as you would in real life.

This makes it much faster and more intuitive than CAD. Many of these elements are stocked in libraries, and we pull out the elements we want to use and add them to our projects.

In this video we take a look at PolyBoard’s list of libraries including: Panel Materials, Edging, 3D Accessories and Hardware.

Manufacturing methods overview

An overview of PolyBoard’s Manufacturing methods and sub-methods.

They allow you to define a huge range of design specifications, including: hardware type and position; carcass construction; panel joints; how drawers and shelves are assembled; and which materials and edging are applied.

This must watch video shows you how easy this makes it is to update every aspect of your projects with the click of a mouse. It’s the key to using this furniture design software to its full potential.

How to set up a manufacturing method

Manufacturing Methods highlight the real power of PolyBoard, combining your entire workflow into a single set of instructions for the software to follow.

Our Quick Design libraries give you basic templates that make it easy and fast to set up your own Libraries.

This video explains the basic principles of the Quick Design Manufacturing Methods.

Note that in the latest version of our libraries we have slightly modified the organisation of the Manufacturing Methods and have added specific Drawer Methods.

How to use Quick Design methods

The Quick Design libraries use all the power of PolyBoard to make complex set ups fast and easy.

However, it’s important to know the correct way to use the libraries.

This video show the correct way to use the Quick Design Manufacturing Methods.

Modify style command

In this video we are going to take a look at the Modify Style command. We can access this command by clicking on magic wand icon in the Quick Design toolbar.

This allows you to select and then change any panel, edging and bar material for another, and also your accessories which are typically the hardware 3D visuals.

It offers a quick way to change a range of design elements across your entire cabinet or project.

Change names of panel types to Quick Design types

PolyBoard allows you to change the part names (shelves, doors, drawers etc) to something more meaningful than a simple number, making the design process easier.

This step is now included in setting up the Quick Design libraries. However, we’ve kept the video to show you how to customise things if you wish to.

Combining Quick Design libraries

How to transfer library elements from one library to another. In this case, we will move panel and hardware elements.

When you install PolyBoard and then its Quick Design libraries the two are automatically linked to each other. However, if you move or rename the libraries folder, the link is broken.

This short video shows you how to re-establish that link.

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