Polyboard: 3D Presentations

Polyboard allows you to create beautifully rendered 3D presentations for your customers. This page shows you how, including managing lighting effects, and adding images to your projects.

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3D Menu Options

We've got other videos covering the most commonly used 3D view options (see the 3D Toolbar video on the Getting Started page), and also how to add lighting effects. This video shows you how to use the rest of the 3D features, including rotating your project, orthogonal views, and changing the background colour.

Lighting Effects in Polyboard

As well as adding textures to your project, you can add lighting effects and shadows to enhance your presentations.

Using Image Files

How to use the import texture feature to apply an image to any panel, making Polyboard not only a fantastic manufacturing tool, but also a great presentation tool. With these functions you can easily play with different design elements that you download from the internet, or use photos of your own furniture projects.

Create Screen Captures of your Projects

The full version of Polyboard allows you to create a PDF that includes images of your design, both in 2D or 3D. Here's a screen capture alternative that works with the free version too, and is very flexible and quick. Once you've got your image, it's simple to add to your own documentation or send by email to your client.


Simulate Appliances with Image Files

Adding images to a cabinet to simulate appliances for your projects. In this case, a cooker.


Adding images and transparency to a cabinets materials to create a simulation of an aquarium. A nice little tip to demonstrate how your project will look with this addition in place.


Add an image to a modified cabinet to create a simulation of a TV, complete with stand, and place it in your project.