Polyboard: Doors

Polyboard allows you to add doors to your models in a number of ways. You can choose from single, double and sliding doors, you can have them open left/right or top/bottom. They can be built in or sit outside the carcass. You can apply edging and hardware exactly how you want, plus a whole range of other fine adjustments.

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Adding and Modifying Doors

How to add single, double and sliding doors in Polyboard. Additional options we cover include built in and overlapping doors, adding slack between the doors and other panels, and setting them back.

Using Quick Design Sliding Doors

Sliding door hardware is not always easy to set up.

This video shows how to use the latest Quick Design libraries to set up sliding doors with different hardware.

Applied Local Feature (works with doors as well as drawers as shown here)

Normally you would set up doors and drawers as 'Built-in' or as 'Applied Global' (overlapping the front of the cabinet). There is another option called 'Applied Local' we look at here. Unlike with 'Applied Global', here only the panels adjacent to the doors or drawers are moved back. This allows you to quickly recess them flush with other panels.


Sliding Doors with Hidden Rail

How to set up a panel to hide the rails that you would use to hang a sliding door. It's a nice video that includes a range of features: using a nil panel to split the inner volume of a cabinet into 2 virtual volumes, adding a double back, and switching the sliding door from sitting outside the carcass to built in.

Semi Framed Doors

A very specific application here. Find out how to create a double door with a central panel but without any rails.

Hanging Door from a Fixed Panel

How to hang a door from a fixed panel, and apply hardware to it. The trick is to temporarily add a partition one side of which we have our door, the other the fixed panel. Then remove that partition.