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Polyboard and StairDesigner

If you want several people working on Polyboard you can install the free version on as many computers as you want.

The free version will enable you to do everything except output the manufacturing documents…plans, cutting lists, CNC etc.

When you have finished a design on the free version just open the project in the fully activated version and you will be able to output the manufacturing documents.

This means you are able to continue using the software on any computer from anywhere. You can design on a laptop with a customer and take the design to the full version and print the working documents.

You can even give away the free version to customers to see your project and even design for themselves. Then take their files and process them to build the projects.

If you do need fully activated versions on more than one computer, additional licences are discounted 50%.

OptiCut and OptiNest

You can purchase additional licences discounted 50%.

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