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Can I install the software on multiple computers?

PolyBoard and StairDesigner

Do you need to have several people working on PolyBoard or StairDesigner at the same time, or need access to the software in multiple locations?

You can install the free version on as many computers as you want.

The free version includes full design capabilities. It enables you to do everything except output the manufacturing documents…plans, cutting lists, CNC files etc.

When you have finished a design in the free version just open the project in the fully activated version and you will be able to output the manufacturing documents.

This means you are able to use the software on any computer anywhere. You can design outside the workshop, at home or on a laptop with a customer.

You can also share your Quick Design libraries across multiple computers using a cloud storage service.

If you do require fully activated versions on more than one computer, additional licences are discounted 50%.

Please note, if you are using PolyBoard Pro PP or StairDesigner Pro PP for integration with a CNC, a second licence of the Pro version rather than Pro PP may work well. You will be able to view the plans and cost report with the Pro licence, then transfer the design file to the Pro PP version to generate the CNC output.

OptiCut and OptiNest

OptiCut and OptiNest are purely for generating manufacturing output, there is no design element. Each licence is allocated to a single computer.

Again, you can purchase additional licences discounted 50%.

VCarve Pro

You can install VCarve Pro on a maximum of 3 computers for a single user. The software cannot be installed on any computers that are shared with colleagues. An additional licence would be required in this case.

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