Printing part by part labels

In this video we’ll show you how to set up the label printing feature in Polyboard. You can create labels for all parts, so both panel and bar material parts.

Please note: sample output including labels is available on the Polyboard download page.

There’s a lot of flexibility in what you can show on each label, including a plan of the part, where to apply edging, dimensions and of course the part name.

You can also output these and other fields as a bar code if required.

To begin, go to File menu > Labels Setup.

All the options in the bottom half of the setup are to do with how the labels are actually printed out. Lets look at the top options. We can check the box to select:

  • To have labels printed off for all of the parts made from Bar materials, and all of the parts that are made from Panels.
  • For Panels options we can click to show details of the edging that’s required (the option to Print Edges along the Label Sides), and we can also click to show a picture of the part (the option to Draw the Part Shapes).

There is also the Labels Format options:

Click into the Panels options to adjust it. In the Format options, we can change the fields that are shown on the labels. All the available fields are shown on the left, and the ones that are going to be used, and that will be printed out, are shown on the right.

If you want to add a field from the left, select it, and with the arrow button, move it over to the right side. Or, alternatively, you can pick it up from the left and drag it over to the right. I am going to add all of the fields that are related to showing the edging on the labels (Top Edge, Bottom Edge, Left Edge, Right Edge).

In the selected fields we also have Cabinet, Reference, Dimensions and Thickness. For the Reference, or any of the fields, you can select it and click into Options, where you can now alter its Font, but more importantly you can check the box to have it Print as a Barcode if you wish.

Click ok to exit out of the 3 options menus we have opened, and return to the main page.

Click File menu where you can select Print Labels, but let’s look at Labels Preview first.

In the labels preview you can see all the labels. If we look at the first label, we can see the part shape because we selected that as an option.

We can also see the edging material on the bottom and the right because the edging is specified to be on the bottom and right of the panel.

Also shown are the thickness, dimensions, reference barcode and the name of the cabinet which is ‘sloped wardrobe’.

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