Furniture 3D Models designed with Polyboard

Examples of the range of models available within Polyboard's Quick Design libraries for easy download and use, all optimised for real workshop manufacturing.

If you own the paid version of Polyboard, modify the model to your own requirements then output the manufacturing documents. Premium Support users who are using the free version of the software just need to request a CabinetFile to receive all the manufacturing output.

Don't see what you need? Ask on the forum and we'll create a model for you.

These models are included in Polyboard's Quick Design Libraries, available to all.

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Polyboard home office design

Home Office

Polyboard walk in wardrobe

Walk in wardrobe

Polyboard handleless kitchen

Handleless Kitchen

Polyboard round table

Quick Design Round Table

Polyboard bathroom model

Quick Design Bathroom

Polyboard bedroom model


Polyboard office desks model

Quick Design Office Desks

Quick Design Kitchen in Polyboard

Quick Design Kitchen

Balcony in Polyboard


Polyboard living room model

Contemporary Living Room

Polyboard assorted tech models

Assorted Tech Models

Polyboard delta shelves model

Delta Shelves

Polyboard metal and wood dining room

Metal and Wood Dining Room

Polyboard octagonal showcase

Octagonal Showcase

Polyboard angled walls model

Quick Design Angled Walls Fitted Shelving

Polyboard face frame cupboard model

Quick Design Face Frame Cupboard

Polyboard framed bookcase model

Quick Design Framed Bookcase

Polyboard nested shelving model

Quick Design Nested Shelves

Polyboard reception desk model

Reception Desk

Polyboard sloped wardrobe model

Sloped Wardrobe

Plus lots more in your Quick Design Libraries, with more on the way all the time...