We’ve created a camper van cabinet project in PolyBoard to highlight how the software is able to accommodate this kind of challenging design.

van cabinet software

Camper van cabinets, and commercial van cabinets too, must be designed to fit unusual internal layouts.

In this case, we’ve based the internal layout on a panel kit for a Mercedes Sprinter L4 van.

Fast and accurate design

Unlike a traditional drawing CAD package, PolyBoard is parametric cabinet software.

Working this way you can start each cabinet as a simple box or corner carcass and then drop in your components: shelves, doors, drawers as you prefer. You then place the unit in your project and resize to fit.

When you change the dimensions, all internal components resize automatically.

This ensures your design remains 100% accurate.

No more last minute trips back to the workshop to modify your parts.

Worktops and plinths can be applied to single or multiple cabinets too, and 3D models for sinks, taps, a cooker and so on can be added to enhance the 3D view.

Output and hardware to match

PolyBoard is a design to manufacturing solution. The cut list, plans of each part and CNC files are instantly available and update dynamically as you design.

All drawer, door and panel hardware is included. So, your preferred drawer sliders will be applied automatically when you add any drawer, with all the drawer slack and other exact part sizing and positioning pre configured too.

The image below shows one of the wall cabinets with a sloping back and door and panel hardware in place.

van cabinet with machining and fittings

The machining for all hardware is shown in the workshop documents, and included in the CNC files to make production very efficient.

A van load of flexibility

The software includes a range of advanced design features well suited to van cabinetry.

  • Apply sloping sides and tops to your cabinets with a coordinate system or simply by defining the slope angle
  • Use toolings to modify the back of your cabinet to fit a curved interior
  • Access the DXF import option to add any irregular floor or cabinet plan from a manufacturer’s website

PolyBoard works just as well for van racks, shelving and other storage solutions.

Our UK customer ProtectAVan uses PolyBoard for ply racks, here’s an example of one of their products.

Polyboard has saved us many hours in the design/manufacturing process, while still being able to offer high quality bespoke 3D solutions for our customers.

Connor, ProtectAVan

We would like to thank Connor and his team for sharing their work with us.

If you’re interested in using PolyBoard in your workshop, you can get in touch with Connor at ProtectAVan to get their feedback and to receive a 5% discount coupon on the purchase price.

How to test PolyBoard

Please click here to download and test PolyBoard.

We also offer online demonstrations with a member of our technical team where you can discuss your specific use case.

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