The last update of PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries included a range of innovative fastener and drawer slider systems from Lockdowel.

Let’s take a closer look here at the set up, designed for fast, strong and accurate assembly, and why we’ve partnered with the team at Lockdowel to integrate this solution into our software.

Simple application of panel fittings, drawers and shelving

The focus with all of Lockdowel’s products is to simplify manufacturing, assembly and installation.

The product range focuses on these key areas:

  • Ability to assemble fast: avoid glue, screws or staples; sliders are easy to adjust to fit neatly and requires no special tools
  • Ease of use: clip or slide into place; assemble in your own shop or deliver flat-packed for on-site assembly and disassembly as needed
  • Very strong holding power
  • Panel fittings that are completely invisible
  • Requires a CNC router and edge boring machine, single router bit serves multiple products
  • Ideal for cabinetry, closets and other furniture like office desks

Here are some more details on each product…

Channel Lock

This panel fitting system includes the barbed/ridged Channel Lock itself (the green fitting) and a steel spring pin to ensure a high level of sheet strength and to lock the joint in place.

channel lock, spring and t-slot drill bit

A T-slot drilling bit is also required to cut the required keyhole slot for the Channel Lock, which slides into place within the slot and can be easily removed too.

Two versions are available, the standard and mini, depending on the material thickness.


Again, the single piece barbed H-Clip which in this case compresses then flexes out when inserted.

h-clip by lockdowel

This set up comes with a spring pin again and uses the T-slot cutter, but is permanent as compared with the removable Channel Lock.

It works with materials including plywood, hardwood, composite materials and a range of plastics.

Drawer sliders

No tools required! The sliders are slotted into the same keyhole slot that is used for the Channel Lock.

lockdowel drawer slides

3D adjustor clips are built in for fine tuning the positioning.

Shelf tightener

This removable fitting system is a great solve for adjustable shelving.

Lockdowel shelf tightener

It expands when inserted for a firm fix and is completely hidden from view.

PolyBoard and Lockdowel integration

PolyBoard offers a fast and efficient design to manufacturing workflow, so it makes perfect sense to offer an integration with the Lockdowel range.

The Channel Lock, H-Clip, Channel Lock Drawer Slides and the Shelf Tightener have been fully set up within PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries, and can be applied within a Manufacturing Method with the click of a button.

This short video shows you how easy it is to work with PolyBoard and Lockdowel.

You can focus on setting up your cabinet dimensions and the components you want to include (drawers, shelves, doors etc) and PolyBoard will do the rest.

And because the software is parametric, you can resize any model to fit a new project and all the parts and fitting positions will be updated to match.

Machining details are built in and can be output immediately to run your CNC machine.

How to get started

To test our software and see for yourself how Lockdowel can be applied to your cabinet project, click here to download PolyBoard.

You can also contact us here to arrange an online demonstration with a member of our technical team.

And don’t forget to check out the Lockdowel website for further product and distributor details. A range of excellent resources and evaluation kits are available too.


A big thank you to Jason Howell, CEO at Lockdowel, and the rest of the team for their support on this integration project.


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