CutList Plus and Polyboard Integration

cutlist plus polyboard integration

CutList Plus is a cutting optimisation solution that will take a cutting list and from it generate a cutting diagram or map optimised to minimise material waste. Polyboard is our furniture design and manufacturing software. As soon as you have your design ready it outputs the cut list, plans and CNC files for your project.…

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Polyboard 7 Full Version Revealed plus Download Advice

Polyboard 7 new features

We’re excited to announce the official release of the Polyboard 7 full version, now available for download and sale. This major update to Polyboard version 7 is packed full of new features, and comes with a new set of Quick Design libraries to keep you working as fast and efficiently as possible. We have Polyboard…

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Mach3, Mach4 and alternatives to LazyCam for furniture manufacture

Mach3 and Mach4 are PC based software solutions for generating the GCode to run your CNC machine. They are developed and supported by ArtSoft. Mach3 came first and targeted the hobby market. Mach4 comes in different levels, for the hobbyist again, up to the larger professsional workshop running their CNC day in, day out. LazyCam…

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Free Cabinet Design Program + Manufacturing Service

bar install Polyboard

This commercial project shows you how a professional workshop partnered with one of our Approved Suppliers to design with the free version of our cabinet design program Polyboard, then outsource cut and machining of the parts. These parts were delivered back flat packed completely ready for assembly. The project was run by Lee Ferris and the…

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Furniture Design with Optimised Manufacturing: All-in-one Configuration

furniture designing software

The biggest constraint to setting up a woodwork business is the initial cost of investment. This is particularly the case with furniture manufacture. Albeit on a smaller scale, it requires an industrial range of machines, tools, transport and facilities. With these kinds of costs, it can feel there is little room for the purchase of…

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Design and manufacture to corner the woodwork market

furniture software

Do you ever think…there’s got to be a better way? You’ve got the work coming in, perhaps too much to handle. You know you’re spending too long on each job but don’t have the time to find a better way. Hours designing, struggling to get accurate cut lists and plans, problems with assembly. Got a…

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Woodwork manufacturing case study: software, nesting and CNC integration done right

polyboard woodwork software project office fit out

We would like to introduce Dean Price from Tees Tech Joinery in the UK who earlier this year set up Polyboard and OptiNest with his company’s SCM CNC machines. Dean has outlined how his company processes the work they receive, and was also kind enough to talk about the Polyboard library set up service he…

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Woodworking design software case study

Investing in new woodworking design software can be a difficult decision for a business to make, especially for a smaller workshop. There is sometimes the view that woodwork design software is the preserve of the larger manufacturers, perhaps those who churn out high volume standard units. Smaller enterprises might are more focused on custom pieces,…

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Design Stairs using our StairFile Service: Check out some Amazing Results

design stairs

StairDesigner pro stair software is 5 to 10 times cheaper than many competing stair design programs. In spite of this, many people, both amateurs and professionals who need to design stairs only now and again, find it hard to justify buying the full package. A Wood Designer subscription allows you to use our StairFile service…

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DIY dowel jig

Today there are many ways to assemble two pieces of wood. Traditional wood working joints like mortise and tenon and dovetails are still often an excellent option for solid wood, but modern day options like biscuits, dominos, and dowels are often much faster to make and more adapted to modern sheet materials. As I build…

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