How to set up Polyboard to OptiCut Export with Bar Codes

polyboard and opticut label and bar code process

Here we have a Polyboard project. Let’s see how to set up an export of this project to OptiCut and print the correct labels with bar codes. We will need to set up Polyboard to export the correct information and then set up OptiCut to print the correct information. First let’s set up Polyboard. Polyboard…

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Changing Units and Currency in OptiCut

Changing the units in OptiCut is quick and easy. Click on Tools > Units You can change the units for the Length, Surface and Angle. You cannot change the currency in OptiCut. OptiCut pulls the currency setting from the Windows operating system. To change it, go into your Windows Control Panel, and change the locale…

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OptiCut Label Printing

Print off labels to reference and identify your parts, and adjust your printing settings to your requirements. OptiCut will let you print a label for each part that you can stick on the part so it will be easily referenced and located. First let’s import a cutting list and optimize it to create the cutting…

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Bar Materials Optimization in OptiCut (Extended)

A more detailed explanation of bar optimization set up, including adding user defined profiles from CAD software and angle cut integration. If you are a wood worker manufacturing parts of fixed length like mouldings, batons and profiled parts. Or a metal worker assembling metal profiles, RSJs and tubes. Or if you’re using PVC or aluminium…

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Optimising Bar Materials in Opticut

OptiCut can just as easily optimize bars as panels, and determine the most efficient cutting maps for complex cut angles. Here’s how. OptiCut is a great piece of software for optimizing sheet material, but let’s have a look now how it’s equally effective at optimizing bar material. Let’s see what it can do. Click on…

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