Create a bed with Polyboard

Just a quick video to show how to design a bed with Polyboard.

Although made for cabinet design Polyboard’s powerful parametric modeler enables you to model practically anything that’s made of panels.

The basic bed structure

Just as normal, we going to start off with a simple box cabinet, and take a look in 3D view as well as actually designing in the Cabinet Edit mode.

First off, the overall dimensions are adjusted in keeping with the bed we’re designing (height 900 x width 1950 x depth 960 mm). This corresponds to the overall volume of the bed, including the headboard.

Now in the Properties menu we remove some of the panels, the top and bottom. We need to add a front (by default a cabinet won’t have one) which is done by adding a double back. This is a panel parallel to the back which we can place wherever we like. So let’s position it 0 mm from the front.

This gives us a rectangular box, just 4 sides, no bottom.

Add the headboard and foot board

To create the headboard now, select one of the sides and give it an overlap from the position of the top panel (this is still a reference point even though we’ve removed it) of 600 mm and an overlap from the removed bottom of 150 mm. The height of the sides, back and front are all reduced, the overall volume stays at 900 mm.

We can do something similar to create the foot board, but use a smaller overlap from the top so it’s a little lower than the headboard.

Now we’re getting something more like a bed.

Decorative effects next

To make it prettier, we can add a shape to the headboard, using the Structures menu, in this case a curved shape to the top of both the headboard and foot board.

In addition, again in the Structures menu, we can easily add an inner tooling shape to the head and foot boards. This time we’ve chosen a heart cut out.

Finally a rectangular inner tooling can be applied to create the legs. This is just one of the ways to create legs, you can also use bar materials/solid wood if you wish.

All these shapes can be created using Polyboard’s curve editing tool, or imported as DXF files from an external CAD package.

Hope you enjoyed this.

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